Window Cleaning Services by KEVCO in Tysons Corner, VA

KEVCO has built the most extensive clientele in Tysons Corner, VA From Fortune 500 companies and Federal Government buildings to Airports, Museums, Colleges & Universities, and privately held properties, our team of expertly trained window cleaning professionals can solve all of your window cleaning concerns in Tysons Corner, VA. KEVCO is best known for our window cleaning services.

Window cleaning is a great way improve a Tysons Corner, VA building’s curb appeal. If customers walk through an entranceway or atrium only to see smudged and filthy windows, your company will not leave a good impression. Our team offers many options in order to maintain curb appeal and leave lasting impressions in Tysons Corner, VA.

At KEVCO we use the latest and safest equipment available in the industry to get the job done in Tysons Corner, VA. Whether it’s thirty stories up, at ground level or an atrium, a storefront or car dealership, an entranceway or a difficult to access area, our comprehensive inventory of equipment can tackle any job with excellent results.

Our inventory includes:

  • CDC Equipment (Controlled Descent Equipment)
  • Motorized Scaffolding
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Ladders
  • Articulating Boom Lifts (up to 120 ft.)
  • Custom Built scaffold
  • Water-Fed Pole Systems with deionized water tanks (with extensions up to 30 ft. – a system that prevents spotting).

At KEVCO, our mission is to provide the absolute highest quality exterior maintenance services using the safest, most efficient and cost effective methods available today. We take pride in every Tysons Corner, VA building we maintain. Call KEVCO Building Services, Inc. for more information about window cleaning services so your building’s curb appeal will be one of the best in Tysons Corner, VA.Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!

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