Roof Anchors need to be addressed as they are a key component to ensure proper safety compliance with the I-14 Safety Standard for window cleaning services to be performed at any building.

Adequate Roof Anchors do not exist on a large percentage of buildings in the United States because many architects didn’t realize the importance of having such anchors.

Anchors may consist of:

  • Eyebolts
  • Davits & Sockets
  • Outriggers
  • Wind Screen posts
  • Columns
  • Eyebeams

Safety is compromised when Roof Anchors do not exist and therefore the building in question could be in violation of the ANSI-I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard.

If roof anchors are necessary, KEVCO, in conjunction with American Anchor Corporation, can facilitate the installation of anchors on your building. Along with American Anchor, KEVCO can provide the annual roof anchor inspection for your building in order for your facility to be in compliance with Safety Standards.

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