Roof Anchor Installation & Inspection

There are many factors that come into play in order for the specialists at KEVCO Building Services to serve our clients to the best of our ability. Dedication, superior equipment, and extensive training are often chief among them—but we take nothing more seriously than safety. That’s why our team helps to address your business safety needs by providing roof anchor design and installation services!

Together with American Anchor Corporation the experts at KEVCO can help you address and meet your roof anchor needs. This is our way of both ensuring the safety of our specialists and covering your business’ needs, which all in all simply makes for better services from our experts.

Do you need to install or address roof anchors for your DC Metro or Maryland business, or are you not quite sure? KEVCO Building Services can help, so contact us now or reach out to us at (800) 315-3444!

What Are Roof Anchors & Why Are They Important?

Roof anchors are a fairly simple design attachment, but play a critical role in the safety of exterior service and cleaning teams. These attachments typically reside under the umbrella term “fall protection” and are used to connect lanyards and lifelines to a secure point along the tops or sides of larger and moderate commercial and residential structures.

Despite the important (and often legally necessary) role they play, many modern businesses don’t feature them in their initial design, making addressing a design and installation service important.

Proper roof anchors can benefit your business by:

  • Optimizing the safety of cleaning crews. We take the safety of our service teams as an absolute top priority. We want to ensure they have an effective and safe place to work, and that translates to offering our clients more reliable service at the same time.
  • Providing safe and legal means of exterior renovation and reconstruction. Our team isn’t the only one who will benefit from anchors on your commercial business! For us the anchors fulfill ANSI-I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard, but many construction and remodeling teams require these anchors to work as well.
  • Allowing for more efficient and timely service administration. Through the increased mobility and security a roof anchor system provides, KEVCO and other exterior service teams you work with can provide services more quickly.

Roof Anchor Installation Services

Roof anchors need to be addressed as they are a key component to ensure proper safety compliance with the I-14 Safety Standard for window cleaning services to be performed at any building. Adequate roof anchors do not exist on a large percentage of buildings in the United States because many architects didn’t realize the importance of having such anchors.

Anchors may consist of:

  • Eyebolts
  • Davits & Sockets
  • Outriggers
  • Wind Screen Posts
  • Columns
  • Eyebeams

Safety is compromised when roof anchors do not exist and therefore the building in question could be in violation of the ANSI-I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard.

If roof anchors are necessary, KEVCO, in conjunction with American Anchor Corporation, can facilitate the installation of anchors on your building. Along with American Anchor, KEVCO can provide the annual roof anchor inspection for your building in order for your facility to be in compliance with safety standards.

Roof Anchor Design & Installation in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

Roof anchors play a very important role in our professional window cleaning and exterior specialty services, meaning we would love the opportunity to help you get the anchors you need! We work alongside American Anchor in order to meet your needs. As a leader in fall protection and safety equipment in the United States, we’re confident that by working with KEVCO and American Anchor you’ll be left with an ideal system that will address your increased safety and functionality needs for years to come.

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