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Spider Web Removal in MD, DC & VA

spider web removal

Out of all the general home cleaning and maintenance tasks you can be presented with on a routine basis, spider web removal might be the most taxing. If you’re dealing with a bunch of sticky webs in your home, let KEVCO Building Services handle them for you!

Our specialists have proudly served homeowners in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the DC metro area for over 30 years.

We offer a wide array of services to suit all your cleaning and home maintenance needs, including mirror cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and spider web removal, so you can rest easy knowing a pro has you covered.

Spider Web Removal Services

We take a comprehensive approach to every service we offer—even something as seemingly small as a spider web. Whether you’re dealing with a couple of rogue webs around your awning or entry door or you’re fighting off a total web invasion, we have the tools and training needed to accommodate all your web removal needs.

Let us restore access to your home safely and efficiently by using our top-class tools and cleaning equipment so you can rest easy knowing you won’t wander into another sticky web ever again.

We offer complete spider web removal to all residential and home structures, including:

  • Single-family homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment buildings
  • And more!

Need professional spider web removal services in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia? Contact KEVCO today!

The Benefits of Professional Spider Web Cleaning

We do a lot more than shake a broom at your web issues. By working with the KEVCO team for web removal, you can benefit from:

  • A cleaner home. Some webs can be intricate and interesting to look at, but that doesn’t keep them from messing up your home’s appeal. Let our team remove those unsightly webs so you can go back to enjoying your clean and clear home.
  • Fewer pests. Without a place to make a web, most spiders will move along. If you have a spider issue in your living space, our experts can help by totally eradicating the nests and webs around your space.
  • A safe service. Most spiders are fairly innocuous, but the Mid-Atlantic area has a few species that can cause pretty serious harm. By letting our team handle things, you can stay safe and bite-free.

Will a Pressure Washer Remove Spider Webs?

The short answer is yes. Pressure washers can remove spider webs from your home and those sticky egg sacs that can hide in or around your roof. That being said, using a power washer without proper training can lead to paint chipping, siding being blown off, and other home damage.

Call (301) 258-9750 for web removal to keep your home clean and avoid damage from a pressure washer!

Web Removal and Home Services in Montgomery County, MD

Call the specialists at KEVCO for complete specialty services, including web removal. We’re proud to help with superior services you can trust, and we’re never done with the task until you’re fully satisfied.

Whether you’re dealing with a single web or 50, call (301) 258-9750 or contact us online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent spider webs from forming on my windows?

Spiders hate acidic surfaces, so a bit of vinegar goes a long way. Give your windows a weekly vinegar spray, paying special attention to corners, which are well-loved spider real estate. Many spiders also use cracks as hiding places, so sealing them will help.

Window screens are another easy way to keep spiders at bay. The higher your insect population, the more attractive your home will be to those that eat them, so it pays to discourage infestations.

Turn off your outdoor lights at night, hide a layer of boric acid throughout your home, and always clear crumbs and sugar from your kitchen surfaces immediately.

How do I get rid of spider webs on my windows?

Spiderwebs are relatively easy to remove from your interior windows, but if you live in a double-story home or apartment, the task will be a little more challenging.

A vacuum cleaner crevice tool will remove most of the web. Once that’s taken care of, grab a spray nozzle and cloth. A simple spray of water can work wonders. If you have window screens, it’s best to remove and soak them.

How do I remove dangerous spiders?

Most spiders are harmless to humans, but a few species have a dangerous bite. If you have hobo spiders, brown recluses, or black widows, you’ll need to adopt a more aggressive approach to prevention. These spiders have potentially deadly bites, both to children and pets.

If you notice any, cover your surfaces with a contact pesticide and seal all the gaps in your doors and windows. Weatherstripping and caulk can work wonders, but it’s best to call the pros if you have a serious infestation.

How do I get rid of spider webs on house plants?

Regularly removing spiderwebs from your home is typically enough to discourage them from making new ones. That will require you to remove webs from your furniture, windows, and house plants.

A hosepipe creates enough pressure to remove them without harming your delicate foliage. Take your houseplants outdoors and cover their surface area with water, taking care to cover the undersides of your leaves.

KEVCO’s detailed approach to spider web removal will address infestations before they take hold.

Schedule our web removal services by calling 301-258-9750 today.

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“I became a KEVCO customer when I first started in Commercial Property Management over 15+ years ago. I have used them at every property that I have ever managed and even at my home for both window cleaning and pressure washing. They are responsive and professional, and their pricing is always competitive.”

D. Jamison
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“We are a real estate company, and use Kevco to wash windows, clean gutters and power wash for our clients getting their homes ready to place on the market. They are always at the property when they say they will be, do their job quickly, leave the property in excellent condition, are very professional, and…”

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“I love KEVCO and call them every year for services. I have been using KEVCO for about 10 years to clean gutters and windows at our farm property. They are always prompt and exceptional in their work. I have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so.”

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“When I need home exterior cleaning services, Kevco is the company that I always call. They have cleaned my windows, gutters and pressure cleaned my patio and the other hardscape areas at my house for years. I recently thought that I would have to resurface my front steps as they appeared dirty. Kevco came over,…”

L. Galfond

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