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Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning in Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern VA

The future of window cleaning has arrived with the Water-Fed Pole system, a pure water delivery system that is revolutionizing the window cleaning industry. Pure water is a natural cleaner that dries without leaving a residue, creating a spotless clean that leaves your windows sparkling. This system is ideal for low- to mid-rise window cleaning, office parks, atrium windows and more. At KEVCO, we are professionally trained and certified by Water-Fed Pole equipment manufacturers to expertly apply this revolutionary tool. The end result is cleaner windows that present a more professional appearance for your business.

Want cleaner windows on your commercial building? Call the experts at KEVCO for Water-Fed Pole window cleaning in Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern VA! Call us at (301) 258-9750 or contact us online today!

How the Water-Fed Pole System Works

A Water-Fed Pole is a lightweight carbon fiber pole with a hose running through it and a brush head on the end. The hose is connected to a pump and a filtration system, which delivers pure water to clean the windows. Pure water is a natural, chemical-free cleaner. It is created by a three-part water filtration system, which removes the sediment from the water and creates de-ionized or “pure” water. Pure water acts like a dirt magnet because the water molecules want to bond with minerals, dirt, and organic material. The brush heads on the Water-Fed Pole agitate the dirt on the window glass and allow the pure water to grab the dirt, dragging it down to the ground. Once the pure water has removed the dirt, all that is left behind is the clean water, which evaporates naturally. Because there are no chemicals, debris, or minerals in the pure water, your windows will dry streak and spot free!

For pristine, streak-free windows, count on the skilled window cleaners at KEVCO for Water-Fed Pole window cleaning in Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern VA! Call us at (301) 258-9750 or contact us online today!

Benefits of Using the Water-Fed Pole System for Commercial Window Cleaning

Water-Fed Pole systems have grown in use over the past 5-10 years because of their unparalleled safety, quality of performance, and efficiency. The top benefits of the Water-Fed Pole system are:

  • Cleaner windows – The Water-Fed Pole systems work with purified water, which enhances the result by removing accumulated dust and grime from the window panes. Due to the purification of water, there are no dissolved solids, so we can achieve a soft but cleaner finish on your windows.
  • Faster, more efficient cleaning – Climbing up and down ladders and exerting physical effort for long periods of time makes traditional window cleaning slow. The Water-Fed Pole system is lightweight and easy to handle, so the work gets done faster!
  • No rainchecks – Thanks to the use of extendable poles, the need for ladders is eliminated. This makes the Water-Fed Pole system usable for window cleaning on rainy days.
  • Safety – Reduce accidents on your property! Our technicians won’t have to climb a ladder or hang off the side of your building when using the Water-Fed Pole system.

Ready to experience the difference of Water-Fed Pole cleaning on your windows? Call KEVCO at (301) 258-9750 or contact us online today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Water-Fed Pole Cleaning

Does the Water-Fed Pole clean as well as traditional window cleaning?

Yes! The three-step filtration system includes a carbon filter and reverse osmosis. The water coming out will leave your windows virtually spot free!

Can you use the Water-Fed Pole system to clean buildings with more than one story?

Yes, our Water-Fed systems can reach up to 5 stories.

Is any detergent or chemical used when cleaning with a Water-Fed Pole?

No! Because the Water-Fed Pole system uses pure water, detergent isn’t needed. The pure water naturally bonds with minerals, dirt, and organic material, then drags it down to the ground and off of your windows.

How do you dry the windows after cleaning them with the Water-Fed Pole?

Simple – you don’t! The pure water removes all of the dirt and grime, then evaporates without leaving any streaks or spots.

Questions about Water-Fed Pole cleaning? Give us a call at (301) 258-9750 or contact us online today!

Why Choose KEVCO for Commercial Window Cleaning?

KEVCO has been providing excellence in exterior maintenance for over three decades. We are committed to bringing you the best in commercial window cleaning, which is why we’ve adopted the Water-Fed Pole system. We believe that our success starts with our employees, so we respect and value every employee to foster a positive work ethic and a sense of pride in their work. Each member of our team is expertly trained, equipped with high-quality tools, and dedicated to doing the best job possible.

For professionally pristine windows for your business, contact the dedicated professionals at KEVCO today at (301) 258-9750 or reach out to us online.

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“I became a KEVCO customer when I first started in Commercial Property Management over 15+ years ago. I have used them at every property that I have ever managed and even at my home for both window cleaning and pressure washing. They are responsive and professional, and their pricing is always competitive.”

D. Jamison
Vice President Property Management, Moore & Associates

“We are a real estate company, and use Kevco to wash windows, clean gutters and power wash for our clients getting their homes ready to place on the market. They are always at the property when they say they will be, do their job quickly, leave the property in excellent condition, are very professional, and…”

Amy King
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“I love KEVCO and call them every year for services. I have been using KEVCO for about 10 years to clean gutters and windows at our farm property. They are always prompt and exceptional in their work. I have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so.”

L. White
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“When I need home exterior cleaning services, Kevco is the company that I always call. They have cleaned my windows, gutters and pressure cleaned my patio and the other hardscape areas at my house for years. I recently thought that I would have to resurface my front steps as they appeared dirty. Kevco came over,…”

L. Galfond

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