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Deck Cleaning & Sealing in DC, MD & VA

deck cleaning and sealing in Maryland

Wood and synthetic material decks provide countless homeowners with a way to relax and enjoy our great evenings. But since your deck is constantly exposed to the elements it can take on a lot of damage and wear that leaves it looking stained, discolored, and wearing out prematurely. That’s why you need deck cleaning and sealing services from the experts at KEVCO Building Services!

Our specialists have been offering homeowners leading home cleaning and maintenance services for years. We utilize the best tools and training in the business, and each member of our team is 100% dedicated to offering nothing short of complete perfection. When you need deck cleaning, deck sealing, or both, you know who you can trust.

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Deck Cleaning & Sealing in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Each deck is somewhat unique, and thus needs a tailored service that can offer exactly what is needed. At KEVCO we utilize commercial-strength products only available to select service professionals. And in tandem with our extensive training and experience, we can offer a service that is complete and thorough, preserving and protecting your deck while also making it just like new.

We start with extensive pressure cleaning services to get in deep and gently lift stains, dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Followed up with our top-class sealing services, and your deck is prepared to take on anything that may come its way.

If your deck is made from the recycled material Trex, do be aware that professional cleaning is available from KEVCO, but Trex cannot be professionally sealed.

Benefits of Deck Cleaning & Sealing

A clean deck is something quite easy to understand. It helps make your home look as beautiful as possible! But there are plenty of additional benefits to sealing your deck, including:

  • Protection from UV rays. Our top-quality sealants block out harmful UV rays that cause graying, discoloring, and splintering. That way you can know your deck is equipped to stand strong and secure against Mother Nature!
  • Mold and rot prevention. Moisture and humidity can both cause mold growth and rot on wood and synthetic decks, turning your home retreat into an infested and smelly mess! But with superior deck sealing you’re well guarded against the worst.
  • A cleaner, easier-to-maintain deck. Sealed decks are a snap to keep looking pristine, needing little more than some routine sweeping to keep your space looking shiny, vibrant, and new.
  • Longer lasting decks. Decks are an awesome investment, but they are certainly a considerable one too. Odds are you want your deck to last decades, not a year or two. And that’s why you need longevity-improving and beautifying deck sealing services.

Do your deck a favor and call KEVCO to schedule deck cleaning and sealing in the Washington, DC area today!

Cleaning Different Types of Decks

Decks can be made from a variety of materials, from pressure-treated wood or naturally water-resistant wood varieties to composites, plastics, or even aluminum. At KEVCO, we will use the most appropriate cleaning and sealing techniques for the job. We can provide custom cleaning services for a variety of decks, including:

Pressure Treated Decks

Pressure treated decks are resistant to moisture and pests, but the effectiveness of the treatment process can decline over time, allowing the wood to fade, dry out, and crack. To clean and protect the deck, it is important to remove all surface dirt, deeply scrub the wood grain to remove embedded dirt, and treat the wood to seal and protect it. Our team will start by rinsing the deck, then applying the cleaner, scrubbing it, and rinsing it clean with a power washer. After allowing the deck to dry for a few days we will seal it to prevent future fading.

Cedar or Redwood Decks

Both cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to moisture and pests, but they still must be cleaned and sealed occasionally to prevent the wood from fading and drying out. To clean it, our team at KEVCO will rinse away any surface dirt, apply an appropriate cleaner, scrub the grain, and rinse the deck clean. Once dry, we will apply a compatible sealant to preserve the wood’s natural look.

Composite Decks

Made from wood mixed with plastic, composite decking is impervious to water and will not rot, warp, or twist. It requires very little maintenance, but it can grow surface mold and mildew over time. To clean composite decking our, team will rinse away any loose dirt before applying cleaners, scrubbing the surface, and applying a fungicide to kill any mold or mildew. We will then rinse the deck thoroughly.

Vinyl Decks

A durable plastic, vinyl resits fading, water damage, rot, and pests. It requires very little maintenance and is resistant to fading. To clean a vinyl deck, our team will rinse away any loose dirt, apply a cleaner, scrub the surface, and rinse the deck clean. If any surface mold or mildew is present, a fungicide will be applied.

Aluminum Decks

Aluminum decking is not very common, but it offers a durable, waterproof surface with no worries about pests or rot. It can oxidize, however, leaving a powdery residue that rubs off on skin or clothing. Aluminum decks should be sealed occasionally with a clear coat to prevent this. To clean an aluminum deck, our team will rinse away loose dirt, scrub the surface with an appropriate cleaner, and wash the deck clean.

For more information about our deck cleaning process, call (301) 258-9750 or contact us online.

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Deck Cleaning & Sealing FAQs

Will power washing harm the deck?

If too much pressure is used or the head is held too close to the deck, a power washer can cause wood fibers or break and splinters to form. At KEVCO, we have the skill and experience to clean your deck thoroughly without causing any damage.

How long does it take the deck to dry?

After cleaning or power washing a deck, it will take 24 to 48 hours for the deck to dry. If the deck is being sealed, we will wait at least 48 hours after cleaning to start the process.

How long after sealing can I use the deck?

It depends on the sealant used. Some can dry within a few hours, while others may take 24 to 48 hours. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before using the deck.

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