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Winterize Your Deck With This Quick and Easy Guide

As the leaves start changing color, you may think back on the season of barbecues and parties you spent outside on your deck. While the memories are splendid, the wear and tear the season left on your deck is quite the opposite. Between foot traffic, spills, and UV rays, the summer can really take a toll on your seasonal stage. Before the first frost of the season, make sure your deck is clean and protected for the long season ahead. Seasonal changes can be rough, but if you winterize your deck properly, it will be smooth sailing.

Why should you winterize your deck?

Caring for a wooden deck is just like looking after your own health; some TLC can go a long way. Winterizing your deck can keep it looking pristine for next summer, but that’s not all. Here are two key reasons you should winterize your deck this fall.

It prevents rot.

Wood is a very porous material, and when it retains too much water it can become very flexible. Not only does this lead to dangerous warping, but it can also cause splitting and rotting. Rotting can eat away at the wood and compromise the entirety of your deck.

Snow, sleet, and freezing rain throughout the winter months can lead to excessive moisture retained in the wood if your deck is not winterized. If you properly maintain and prepare your deck for these weather conditions, it will kelp keep moisture out and keep your deck safe and secure.

It protects your investment.

A deck is a big investment for your home, so you should treat it as such. Failing to winterize your deck can lead to costly repairs later on, or potentially a full replacement. The more you protect your investment, the longer you will be able to enjoy it. Maintaining and protecting your deck extends its lifespan, and makes for an easy transition into the spring and summer.

A Brief Guide to Deck Winterization

While seasonal changes have the potential to wreak havoc on your deck, a few simple steps can prevent that from happening.

1. Clean and store outdoor furniture.

Unless you want to purchase all new things come springtime, you should clean and store all the outdoor furniture on your deck. This applies to tables, chairs, planters, and any other items you won’t use this winter. Give these items a good cleaning, and then store them away somewhere indoors for the season.

2. Remove dirt & debris.

Dirt, debris, leaves, etc. can trap moisture in certain spots on our deck, promoting warping and rotting. Sweep your deck to remove all the clutter from dirt and debris, and trim back any tree branches or plants that may cause more to accumulate.

3. Pressure wash.

After you’ve removed all the furniture, dirt, and debris from your deck, it’s time to give it a good cleaning. Pressure cleaning will remove those heavy stains and any mold or mildew that has accrued. Careful, though! A pressure washing job done incorrectly can damage the wood further. Hiring a professional for this step is your best bet.

The team of professionals at KEVCO uses the most effective pressure cleaning techniques to eliminate even the toughest grease, dirt, and other stains from your outdoor surfaces. A thorough professional pressure wash will extend your deck’s lifespan and keep it looking its best for years to come.

4. Seal.

To complete the winterization process on your deck, after cleaning, you must apply a protective sealant on the surface to shield it from the damaging effects of winter. KEVCO can complete this step for you as well!

At KEVCO, our team trusts Wolman’s commercial grade products. They’re offered in many shades, which allows you to choose a look that compliments your home. You won’t find these products on the shelves, either; they’re specifically commercial products. Wolman’s products are of the highest quality and will protect your outdoor wood from all the elements this winter.

Taking the time to winterize your deck now will prolong its lifespan and lower the potential for expensive repairs come springtime. If you’re a busy homeowner, but want to live a worry-free winter, contact KEVCO for your exterior maintenance needs. Call us today to schedule pressure cleaning and sealing for your deck!

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