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5 Reasons a Properly Maintained Building Is More Successful

13 Apr2018

In the world of business, we’re all always trying to accomplish more. More productivity, higher customer satisfaction, streamlined operations. It doesn’t matter what sector you belong to—a corporate office or a restaurant, a university, anything. Reaching these goals is handled in a vast range of ways, but is it possible that you might be forgetting one? Today, the team at KEVCO Building Services wants to help you understand why building maintenance might be your missing piece to higher success.

5 Reasons Why Building Maintenance Leads to Success

Some of these points may feel a bit obvious to some, but if we’re going to help everyone understand the big picture, we have to actually look at the whole picture. So, what does maintenance have to do with your success? It:

  • Makes your business appear more professional/successful. We’ve all seen those dilapidated, crusty old businesses that look like they’re on their last legs. Funny thing is, there could be a great business hidden in that building—the best butcher in town or a top-notch law firm. But most people will never know it. If your building screams grimy and unkempt, then many potential customers or clients are going to pass you by.
  • Keeps operations running smoothly. Well-maintained buildings are going to hold up far better, and this will extend to your day-to-day functions. Frequent light changes mean no dark and unsafe hallways, bird proofing keeps critter infestations down and sanitation high, pressure cleaning keeps walkways clear. It’s all about keeping your business at the level you want.
  • Improves employee and client safety. The safety of those who choose to come to you for services and work is critically important. It’s, in fact, the most important thing. Got an oil slick in your parking garage? Risk. Grimy metal surfaces spreading germs? Risk. Minimizing risk is one of the most important actions you can take, and a maintained building is a big part of this.
  • Keeps your business feeling modern and environmentally friendly. We’ve gone rather in depth on this very recently, but the high notes are this: green cleaning practices and energy-conscious actions save you money, protect our environment from troubles, and are all around a very healthy thing. And if nothing else, it makes your business look really good when you stay on top of the times.
  • Keeps repairs and replacement/renovation projects to a minimum. Unanticipated repairs and renovations are expensive. Certain types of damage can even shut down a business entirely until they are resolved. You want every single section of your structure to stay in peak condition for as long as possible. Keeping things clean, tuned, and maintained is how you do it.

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“Just wanted to let you know that your crew did a great job (as per usual) on our windows. You really do have an exceptional workforce at KEVCO. Everyone is courteous, hardworking and very aware of their surroundings; the consummate professionals. You always make us look good in the eyes of our customers.”

Richard Hightower
Director Of Contract Operations, Didlake

“One of the easiest service companies to call on, KEVCO is #1 in quality of work and customer service! My windows sparkle and shine and I can always count on them to pressure clean my deck and never have an issue. Great job KEVCO!”

Karen Monsein

“I recently had an important Broker function at my property and noticed that our windows were filthy and needed to be washed – I called KEVCO very last minute and they were still able to accommodate us – the clean windows made a HUGE difference and I was so appreciative – Thanks KEVCO for making…”

Susan Ruiz
Senior Property Manager, Avison Young

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