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Tips to Help Property Managers Prepare for Budget Season

24 Sep2015

Fall is just around the corner, and if you’re a property manager it’s that dreaded time of year where you begin to gear up for one of the most important responsibilities you have- creating a budget. But, don’t worry; KEVCO is here to help guide you through this transition and assist you in reaching and exceeding all of your goals.

We understand that with a tight budget it can be a challenge to allocate funds for regular keep-up like window cleaning, pressure washing, and garage cleaning. However, it’s essential to plan a budget for timely maintenance, which in the end will save you money.

Here are some simple tips we believe will assist you in developing a reliable 2016 budget!

  •      Review Last Year’s Budget

The first step all property managers should take in preparing for budget season is to learn from past-curated budgets. Have your team pull budget files and notes from prior year’s budgets. This will help you make vital decisions on where money will be allocated to for 2016.

  •      Establish The Need For Maintenance

Maintenance can vary based on your own personal preferences. Prepare a budget that reflects your preferences for window cleaning, pressure washing, and garage cleaning.  If it’s a commercial space you may want to consider allocating more money than you typically would for your personal home. Whether having sparkly clean windows or the whitest siding on the block is important to you, make sure you have a budget planned that reflects your maintenance preferences. By allocating more money for window, siding, and garage maintenance you not only prolong their lifespan, but also help your business and/or house appear more welcoming!

  •      Plan Ahead for Preventative Maintenance

Above all you should plan ahead in your budget, for preventative maintenance. Things like local weather can be unpredictable and affect your windows, garage, and siding! By allocating money for emergency situations, you keep costs down over the long-term.

If you are a busy property manager looking for affordable professional home services such as window cleaning, siding cleaning, garage cleaning, and more, then look no further! KEVCO is the only company in the D.C. metropolitan area with professional expertise in residential exterior cleaning services. Check outKEVCO today to better prepare you 2016 budget!

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