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The Importance of Keeping Solar Panels Clean

23 Dec2015

Making the decision to install solar panels to your commercial property is not only environmentally friendly but it’s financially smart. Solar panels reduce your property’s carbon footprint and you will find yourself saving a significant amount of money each month on your energy bill.

Here at KEVCO we are huge advocates for environmentally friendly practices, and we want to help those of you who have solar panels keep them in mint condition. Although, solar panels have plenty more benefits than drawbacks, there is one hindrance you should be aware of: keeping them clean.

Pollution, dust, leaves, bird dropping, and other debris can prevent sunlight from reaching your solar cells, which results in reduced efficiency. In a nutshell, the more dirt that accumulates on your solar panels over time, the less electricity they will produce. Therefore, keeping them clean is absolutely imperative to saving money and energy.

Solar panels are a huge investment and you want to make sure that you protect their efficiency by hiring trusted professionals for all of your cleaning service needs. Don’t take on this huge project on your own and risk the chances of damaging your solar cells in the process. Here at KEVCO we will come to you to do a physical inspection and take all of the necessary steps needed to care for your solar panels.

If you’re a property manager in the Washington, D.C. metro area and wish to learn more about KEVCO’s solar panel cleaning services call 800.315.3444 or inquire on the web at kevco1.com today! Our experts want to help you save money and the environment through solar energy!

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