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Summer Sidewalk Cleaning

From bikes and scooters to strollers, dogs, and regular foot traffic, each day sidewalks see a ton of activity. So, it’s a given that they also accumulate a ton of dirt and grime. While created specifically for high-traffic environments, concrete is also very naturally porous, making it extremely absorbent. Sidewalks have the ability to last throughout the most challenging weather conditions, but unfortunately their absorbency willingly invites stains from dirt, chewing gum, scuffs, road salt, and even natural substances like tree sap or bird droppings.

You’re in luck, though! A good pressure washing can eliminate all those pesky stains from your residential or commercial sidewalks.

Maintain Your Image

Whether in your residential community or your commercial shopping center, sidewalk cleaning can improve the look and longevity of your environment. First impressions are important—potential customers, clients, or residents will quickly notice unsightly stains on the sidewalk, which will completely deter them from your property. Maintain your image, and your property overall, with sidewalk cleaning from KEVCO. After all, curb appeal begins at the curb–aka: the sidewalk.

Nothing screams WOW more than clean sidewalks!

Kick off your Summer cleaning with the sidewalks! KEVCO can revive and renew your DC metro area walkways to their former glory with the help of expert pressure washing. Sidewalks tend to just absorb chemicals, and regular cleaning just won’t cut it. Power washing, on the other hand, can make the world of a difference!

KEVCO will help you achieve the shine that you are looking for, whether it’s for residential or commercial properties. Our advanced pressure cleaning system provides us with an unmatched speed advantage. We’ll give you the cleanest sidewalks in the DC metro area in no time!Contact us today or click on one of the special offers below for a great deal on sidewalk cleaning!

Residential sidewalk cleaning special offer! || Commercial sidewalk cleaning special offer!

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