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Spring Cleaning: Pressure Washing Decks, Patios, & Fences

4 Mar2015

pressure washingIt has been a cold and dreary winter in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas such as Montgomery County, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia. With the snow, salt, ice, and other harmful elements, your decks, patios, and fences will need to be brought back to life through pressure washing!

Restoring the vitality of your home’s exterior is a top concern for KEVCO Building Services, Inc. Spring cleaning will be a lot easier this year when you place trust in the team from KEVCO. We can effectively remove those unsightly stains by pressure washing your decks, patios, and fences, just in time for the warm spring weather!

With curb appeal, your home is sure to make a great first impression on guests, and even potential home buyers. After seeing a clean, beautiful home on the outside, everyone will want to see the inside. If you are selling your home this upcoming season, pressure washing is a fantastic way to stay competitive in this Washington Metropolitan area real estate market. Even if your home won’t be going on the market this season, increased curb appeal can ‘wow’ your guests!

Not only does pressure washing increase curb appeal, but it is a great preventative tool when nature decides to harm your home again throughout the warm months. Smoke from your grill during backyard barbecues, exhaust from your cars, mold, and even mother nature can harm your home’s exterior. No one wants to skip the barbecues, so instead, with KEVCO, our team can power wash your Washington Metropolitan area home (including Montgomery County, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia) in order to preserve your home’s value and restore its beauty.

The team at KEVCO is committed to an environmentally stable and sustainable workplace. By using biodegradable products, like soaps, KEVCO has the ability to clean your toughest oils, grease, dirt, and other surface accumulations effectively. Pressure washing is not limited to your home’s siding, though. KEVCO can pressure wash your patios, fences, pool decks, sidewalks, swing sets, and driveways.

After your deck is pressure washed, it can also be sealed using an exclusive line of Wolman’s Commercial grade products that cannot be found at the local Home Depot or Lowes. It is important to seal your deck after pressure washing to prevent splinters, termites, and weather damage. KEVCO uses superior quality products for their customers to ensure their deck looks great, year round!

Make spring cleaning easier this year and hire the professionals to pressure wash your home’s exterior. KEVCO is the only company in the metropolitan area with professional expertise in Residential Exterior Cleaning Services. To get an estimate or for more information, contact KEVCO, today!

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