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3 Exterior Cleaning Services Every Property Manager Needs to Get Their Building Ready for Spring

After a winter like this past one—where salt and chemicals abound to prepare roads, sidewalks, and garages for the incoming snow and ice—getting your commercial and residential buildings, office parks, and rental properties back in shape can feel daunting. The season has taken its toll, and you might feel like anything you can do is simply not enough. As a leader in commercial exterior cleaning and maintenance services—namely parking garage cleaning, pressure cleaning, and window cleaning services—the team at KEVCO can tell you that the secret lies in proper planning to restore that brilliance and curb appeal.

By forming lists, generating a plan of action, and executing the plan efficiently, you can expect your properties to be back in peak shape just in time for the spring. We’ve generated a list of our own in order to help you hone in on what needs to be done and how to handle the process.

Looking for professional assistance in getting your properties back in healthy condition? The professionally trained cleaning industry leaders at KEVCO Building Services can meet and exceed all of your cleaning and maintenance needs!

What Exterior Maintenance Services Do I Need for My Properties?

Through temperature fluctuations that cause damage, pollutant-ridden snow, and the sheer amount of salt used in the DC metro area, the exterior of your property is going to be in rough shape. This goes for nearly every part of the structure, but when we’re talking office buildings, office parks, multi-family condominiums, and apartment properties, your focus should be on the following areas.

Window Cleaning

Windows tend to be made up of tough stuff, but that doesn’t mean they can just take care of themselves. The winter has almost certainly affected them through pollution and grime buildup, as well as steady freezing and unfreezing and leeching of lime deposits on exterior windows. These kinds of problems absolutely make the windows—and your exterior as a whole—very unattractive, so they require attention.

Even worse, they will begin to weaken seals on double- and triple-hung windows, creating that milky cloudiness that tells you the building will now be experiencing some serious moisture and temperature intrusion. This could require cleaning and restoration or even potential investments such as window replacement. To avoid these kinds of problems, a window cleaning maintenance routine is critical, which is why KEVCO offers thorough and professional window cleaning services for our clients with commercial and residential properties. Whether you own or manage office buildings, office parks, multi-family condos, or apartment buildings—high- or low-rise—KEVCO is the company to call.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking lots, parking garages, and similar areas are all susceptible to as much wear and tear during the winter as the areas mentioned above. However, they tend to be even worse. This is generally due to a more relaxed disposition toward regular maintenance during the cold months, vehicle pollution and oils, or a combination of these factors.

An extensive professional parking garage/parking lot cleaning ensures that all concrete surfaces, pipes, lights, and overhead areas are clean and free of debris for the spring rush, presenting a clean and safe environment for potential tenants and current ones. The concrete surfaces in a garage, through the freeze and thaw effects of winter, may incur problems such as joints cracks and damage to the concrete itself. A garage cleaning evaluation will address these issues and more, and KEVCO is the company that can provide such services for your parking garages and parking lots.

Pressure Cleaning

Road salt finds its way onto the hard surfaces of our properties within hours of its distribution, and leaving it there is simply not an option. Not only is it ugly, but it is also fairly corrosive, leading to fading, cracking in concrete, and other complications that will ultimately lead to premature replacements and renovation work.

Road salts and the pollutants left behind by snow are notoriously hard to manage and eliminate. Just because you can no longer see the mess, that doesn’t mean it’s actually gone since sodium and carbon can both invisibly tarnish surfaces. Ultimately, you need the in-depth and complete cleaning that pressure cleaning/pressure washing provides to get the job done.

Comprehensive Cleaning & Exterior Maintenance Services in DC, MD & Northern VA

Will you need the benefit of trained exterior cleaning and maintenance specialists for your property? The experts at KEVCO have the experience you’ve been seeking. With our green chemical solutions and cutting-edge tools, we can get your business back in order and looking its best before the spring rush.

Whether you’re looking for complete window, concrete, and metal surface cleaning—or you want to protect your roof eaves and rooftops from nesting birds with our expertly installed bird deterrent bird-proofing systems—we’re the experts you can trust to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Want to find out more or get a consultation and quote? Call our team at (301) 258-9750 to speak with a project lead, or contact us online today!

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“I became a KEVCO customer when I first started in Commercial Property Management over 15+ years ago. I have used them at every property that I have ever managed and even at my home for both window cleaning and pressure washing. They are responsive and professional, and their pricing is always competitive.”

D. Jamison
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“We are a real estate company, and use Kevco to wash windows, clean gutters and power wash for our clients getting their homes ready to place on the market. They are always at the property when they say they will be, do their job quickly, leave the property in excellent condition, are very professional, and…”

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“I love KEVCO and call them every year for services. I have been using KEVCO for about 10 years to clean gutters and windows at our farm property. They are always prompt and exceptional in their work. I have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so.”

L. White
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“When I need home exterior cleaning services, Kevco is the company that I always call. They have cleaned my windows, gutters and pressure cleaned my patio and the other hardscape areas at my house for years. I recently thought that I would have to resurface my front steps as they appeared dirty. Kevco came over,…”

L. Galfond

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