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Revitalize Your Wood Fence

From providing protection, to acting as a barrier, and adding curb appeal to your property to offering the privacy you desire, wood fences serve many purposes. Something this multifunctional requires plenty of TLC, especially since they are so susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays, weather elements, dirt, and rot. Without the proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of your wood fence will be greatly reduced. Proper TLC for your fence can also keep it looking beautiful while saving you time and money.

How do you care for your wood fence?

Pressure washing. Scheduling annual pressure washing for your fence, as well as after major storms, will keep debris and mold from building up on it. This will also help deter at damages to the wood. Refinishing, restaining, resealing. The exposure to elements throughout the year is definitely rough on your fence. Every couple of years, it is beneficial to refinish, re-stain, and re-seal your fence, to protect it from excessive water, UV rays, dirt, etc. This will also help to keep the wood looking vibrant and new.

Bring it back to life!

Your wood fence withstands a lot of elements being outside: the sun’s harmful rays, thunderstorms, blizzards, humidity, etc. It’s expected for mold, mildew, and other debris to build up around its sides over time. All of these elements can weaken the wood and cause it to dry out and discolor. That’s why regular pressure cleaning and refinishing are necessary to keep your wood fence alive and well. Revitalize your fence with KEVCO’s professional pressure cleaning service. Pressure washing is the perfect solution for any surface that has become dull and dingy due to the outside elements. Our skilled pressure washers use the most advanced equipment to strip away all of that dirt and grime to create a fresh new appearance. Schedule pressure cleaning today with KEVCO to bring your fence back to life. Fill out this form to receive a special offer!

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