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The Perfect Preventative Maintenance Equation for Office Buildings

8 Jan2020

Don’t you remember the havoc that Y2K wreaked on the world 20 years ago? All the computer glitches that were supposed to happen because of the transition from the year 1999 to the year 2000 at the beginning of this millennium. Well, we survived and now there is a simple preventative maintenance equation to discuss and how solving this simple equation can help any property for years and years to come. So, no need to panic as the new decade arrives—your property will survive if you use this maintenance equation to help you maintain your property.

The Preventative Maintenance Equation

The preventative maintenance equation that all property managers and property owners need to know is an easy one to remember:

  1. Anticipate problems BEFORE they occur.
  2. The contract for services that give your property the most BANG for your buck and save money.
  3. The contract with a company that builds relationships with their clients, always keeping their best interest first and foremost. So, the equation to rely on: Anticipation + Money-Saving Bang4buck + Relationship = Pristine Property. Let’s investigate.

Anticipate Maintenance Concerns

When you own or manage a property, this is usually the number one priority. If you address a concern BEFORE it is a major problem, then you will always succeed. In terms of preventative exterior maintenance, items, and services such as cleaning windows, pressure cleaning building facades, sidewalks, pad sites, and retaining walls, cleaning and scrubbing parking garages are exterior preventative maintenance items that should be addressed. Window cleaning is important—why? Because windows that are dirty don’t allow sun to shine into the building lobby and the rest of the building. When the sun doesn’t shine inside, when you want the rays of the sun to naturally warm up the building, it won’t because of the dirty windows. Thus, heat that could occur naturally won’t occur and this is not economically efficient. Your HVAC system will have to work harder as well.

We suggest washing your windows to let your systems work efficiently and save you money in the long run, as well as pressure cleaning of sidewalks and other exterior surfaces. If these items are left dirty, especially sidewalks and the perimeter of you building, all that dirt and grime is tracked inside, potentially ruining your floors and hard surfaces to carpets. Most buildings have carpets, and dragging in the dirt and grime from surfaces that are not cleaned can extensively damage them. Cleaning exterior surfaces will help prevent this from happening.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking garage cleaning is another maintenance item that when anticipated by property and building managers, can end up being a money-saving service to perform. Like pressure cleaning of exterior surfaces, parking garage cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing services prevents all the sand, dirt, and debris from being tracked into a building. In winter months, this service is critical because salt is an additional component to the sand and dirt that is tracked into a building. It is important to keep all of the debris outside where it belongs so that it doesn’t get tracked into office buildings, ruining tile, hardwood floors, and carpets—all costly items to repair or replace. Yes, this type of exterior maintenance is another component of the preventative maintenance equation to save money in the long run.

Find a Reputable Commercial Cleaning Company Near You

The last part of the equation that is equally as important is the relationship contractors build with their clients. Seek out a contractor that goes above and beyond to build a relationship with you and your property so they will always keep your property’s best interest at heart, keep your property in top form, and try to save you money in the long term. Any property manager, property owner, or building engineer who follows the equation for preventative maintenance: Anticipation + Money-Saving Bang4Buck + Relationship Building = Pristine Property will keep you and your property ahead of the game for years to come, keep your tenants and visitors happy, and keep the chances of your building fully leased higher than properties that don’t follow the preventative maintenance equation.

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“Just wanted to let you know that your crew did a great job (as per usual) on our windows. You really do have an exceptional workforce at KEVCO. Everyone is courteous, hardworking and very aware of their surroundings; the consummate professionals. You always make us look good in the eyes of our customers.”

Richard Hightower
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“One of the easiest service companies to call on, KEVCO is #1 in quality of work and customer service! My windows sparkle and shine and I can always count on them to pressure clean my deck and never have an issue. Great job KEVCO!”

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“I recently had an important Broker function at my property and noticed that our windows were filthy and needed to be washed – I called KEVCO very last minute and they were still able to accommodate us – the clean windows made a HUGE difference and I was so appreciative – Thanks KEVCO for making…”

Susan Ruiz
Senior Property Manager, Avison Young

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