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Pressure Wash Your Home’s Vinyl Siding

15 Oct2015

A great way to restore the appearance of your home’s exterior is to remove mold and mildew stains from your vinyl siding. Years ago this was considered a daunting task that required a ladder, a bucket of soap, and a lot of scrubbing. But today restoring the beauty of your vinyl siding is quite simple!

Pressure washing your home’s vinyl siding will blast away eyesores, making your home beautiful again! Rain and humid weather are known culprits of mold and mildew. Since it has been rainy and humid in the DMV area as of recent, many home’s exteriors have nasty green stains or black dots caused by mold spores. By pressure washing the exterior of your home you can blast away unwanted stains, and give your home a bright new look.

Remember, pressure washing is not limited to your home’s vinyl siding. KEVCO can pressure wash your patios, fences, pool decks, sidewalks, swing sets, driveways, garages, and sheds. We use biodegradable products that have the ability to kick your toughest oils, grease, dirt, and any other surface accumulations effectively.

With the holidays right around the corner, family and friends will be gathering at your home to celebrate, making now the perfect time to get your home looking its best.  Not to mention, a fresh curb appeal can assist in the competitive Real Estate Market of Montgomery County and D.C. area. To get an estimate or for more information, contact KEVCO, today!

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