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Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for the Cold Weather Ahead

4 Jan2016

Weather has been fairly mild this Winter, meaning you still have time to make last minute preparations on your home’s exterior for the brutal weather ahead. It’s imperative that you complete all exterior work on your home before mother nature decides to surprise us with a blizzard, and KEVCO is here to help. Below are the 2 best things you can do to prepare for the cold weather ahead and items that should be on your priority list.

By this time in the season, your gutters and downspouts are more than likely full of debris and leaves from trees. It’s absolutely imperative to tend to this problem before any snow or ice storms hit your area. If you put this task off, damage can occur to your home leading to water damage and vermin infestation. Waiting too long will lead to water freezing in your downspouts, which blocks water from properly flushing out. KEVCO can save you a lot of time and annoyance by thoroughly cleaning your gutters and downspouts for you.  

It is suggested that you have your home’s windows cleaned twice a year– once during Spring or Summer and once during Fall. If you failed to get your windows cleaned last fall, then don’t worry there is still time! KEVCO can professionally clean all of your windows on a mild weather day, but don’t wait too long, as the weather will become too cold!

Contact KEVCO for your exterior needs. If you are a busy homeowner in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that cares about how the exterior of your home holds up during the cold seasons then look no further! KEVCO is the only company in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with professional expertise in Residential Exterior Cleaning Services. For more information on how we can beautify your home, contact us today at 800-315-3444.

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