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Post Storm Roof Care

27 Jan2016

As many of us are recovering from the large amounts of snow that Blizzard Jonas brought to the D.C., MD, and VA areas, there are some things you need to know to keep your building safe. Although, many of you probably enjoyed a couple days off, snowed in with your family, you now have to face the after effects that this major storm has had on your commercial property.

It’s absolutely imperative that all property managers evaluate the conditions of their roof, to ensure that the snow accumulation isn’t too heavy for it to handle. With a storm like the one we just experienced removing the snow should be an urgent matter. It’s also important to understand that removing snow from rooftops can pose many dangers, such as slips or falls. By hiring professionals you can avoid the financial burden of roof damage, while keeping you and your co-workers safe from harm.

Many areas experienced upwards of three feet of snow. With major accumulations like this it’s extremely important that rooftops are cleared before it’s too late. When snow freezes, and then thaws, the weight of the snow becomes too much for rooftops and awnings to handle. This presents the threat of collapsing, which is not only costly to repair, but extremely dangerous!

KEVCO professionals have the experience needed in snow removal services to make sure that your building is safe for employees and customers. Don’t waste any more time, as refreeze is possible. Call KEVCO today at 800-315-3444 to take care of all your snow removal needs.

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