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Parking Garage Cleaning After Blizzard Jonas

29 Jan2016

The D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas have been recovering from large snow accumulations after being slammed by Blizzard Jonas last week. Chances are since then your company parking garage has also suffered from all the salt cars and foot traffic coming in and out.

The bad part about this is that the salt and debris built up in your parking garage are usually carried into your building some way or another. Salt can be extremely damaging to hardwood floors, marble, and can even destroy carpet. Protect the integrity of your building’s floor by keeping your parking garage clean and investing in post-storm entrance matting.

Cleaning salt and debris from a large company parking garage is a huge task to take on without the help of professionals. At KEVCO, we use specialized equipment made for scrubbing and sweeping parking garage floors, ensuring that all salt stains and residues are  removed with ease.

If you choose to let Winter’s grip take hold on your company parking garage you will absolutely regret it! Salt that is carried into your building will leave hard to remove residue, that will eventually dissolve your floor’s finish. This is not only unsightly, but will lead to future financial burdens if not properly taken care of.

In the meantime, it’s smart to place post-storm entrance matting in each doorway entering your building. By doing this you can eliminate the spread of salt and debris on floors, while you wait for your parking garage surfaces to be cleaned.

KEVCO is one of the only companies in the D.C. metro area that owns a fleet of commercial parking garage cleaning equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services to avoid unsightly salt damage on your building’s floors.

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