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Now is the Time for Parking Garage Cleaning

18 Feb2016

Parking Garage Cleaning is critical now more than ever.After the salt and snow accumulations we have been experiencing around the Washington Metropolitan area (Maryland, Montgomery County, and Virginia included) parking garage cleaning should be viewed as top priority this month. Not to mention, there are several other benefits that garage operators will regret not taking advantage of when having a clean garage. By having an aesthetically pleasing parking garage, your company will make a better impression on customers!

From 30 to 3,000 parking spaces, KEVCO can sweep, scrub, and remove stains from garage floors, columns, and walls. Some of our garage cleaning services include pressure cleaning concrete floors, dusting overhead pipes, cleaning mirrors, and vacuuming residue. Cleaning your Washington Metropolitan area parking garage is extremely important if you want to maintain and gain customers, reducing liability, and retaining value.

KEVCO exclusively owns and operates all Tennant Garage Sweeping and Cleaning Equipment. With KEVCO’s state-of-the-art cleaning technology, The SweepMax – S30 Garage Sweeper, we can ensure that your garage and facilities’ image is always at its absolute best. The equipment that KEVCO has in their fleet is at the pinnacle of the Garage Sweeping and Cleaning industry.Our equipment achieves consistent cleaning results even in the toughest applications.

The truth is, dirt build up and oil stains not only look bad, but if left on too long, can cause  permanent damage. The number one priority of garage operators should not only be the aesthetics of the garage, but the impression a clean garage makes on potential tenants or the general public. The money on Parking Garage Cleaning and the appearance of the parking garage is worth every penny if more customers choose to park in that garage. A clean parking garage will make customers and investors satisfied. Think of it this way, as a customer – would you avoid a utilizing a parking garage because it’s dreary, dirty, and gross? Probably so. Making sure that your parking garage is up to par with the impression you’d like to make, means it’s imperative to hire professionals to clean the space!

Another important thing to avoid is procrastination! By waiting too long to clean your property parking garage it will make it harder to remove stains. Ultimately, this can make the stains more difficult to remove down the road and thus increasing maintenance costs. Regular cleanings will retain the value of your property.

Lastly, an item that can not be overlooked is destroying floors and carpets in your building. If sand, salt and dirt are left in garages, they eventually creep onto the floors and carpets – and everyone knows that these will eventually wreak havoc on the floors and repairs and replacement can be costly!

At KEVCO, our mission is to provide the absolute highest quality exterior maintenance services In D.C, Maryland, Montgomery County and Virginia using the safest, most efficient and cost effective methods available today. Call KEVCO Building Services, Inc. for more information about garage cleaning in the Washington Metropolitan area, today. Now is the perfect time to have your garage cleaned, and remove the nasty salt and residue that has built up over the Winter!



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