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Last Chance to Winterize Commercial Properties

10 Dec2016

As a property manager, there are many things you can control. Unfortunately, weather is not one of them! As we all know winters in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas can be brutal, with bone-chilling temperatures, snow, ice, sleet, and the occasional blizzard. We have been lucky in terms of weather thus far, but it is still incredibly important to winterize your commercial building before winter blind sights us with a winter storm!

There is no way to truly predict what Mother Nature has in store for us the remainder of winter, but it’s imperative to prepare your building and property for the worst! Thanks to the mild weather we have experienced  in the area there is still hope for you procrastinators. Below of 4 things that every property manager should do as soon as they can!

1.  Pressure Wash the Building

Time is of the essence for pressure washing surfaces. To pressure wash the dirt accumulations on the exterior of your commercial property before the temperatures drop  property managers need to be vigilant, especially if your contractor does NOT have hot water pressure washing units. Not to worry, KEVCO does. Our units will remove  dirt build-up from the fall and summer and leave your building looking beautiful , not to mention enhance its curb appeal.

2.  Clean the Windows

This is another service that needs to be done before the temperatures drop too low! We suggest having your windows cleaned twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. You’re running out of time, so if you want to avoid massive dirt build-up we suggest getting your windows cleaned as soon as possible.

3.  Remove Debris From Gutters & Downspouts

Fallen leaves can clutter your gutters and downspouts and will start to accumulate debris. If you do not tend to your gutters and downspouts, a lot of damage can occur to your home ranging from water damage to drywall inside your home to vermin infestations. If you wait until Winter to clean your gutters the cold air will freeze the water in your downspouts, which will not allow the water to be flushed.

4.  Perform a Pre-Winter Evaluation

Let KEVCO perform an evaluation of your commercial property and building in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area. We will be able to make suggestions to best winterize your commercial property! Contact us today for your free evaluation.


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