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How to Detect if Home Windows Need Replacement

18 Nov2015

Knowing when it’s time to replace your windows is not always as clear as it may seem. Your home’s windows should not only match your home’s architecture beautifully, but they should reduce outside noise, protect the inside of your home from outside elements, and reduce your energy bills. Since replacing your home’s windows is such an expense, it’s vital to understand when exactly is the right time for window replacement. Below are 5 warning signs to help you decide when you should replace your windows.

1.  Condensation or Frost Build-up If you have single paned windows it’s likely that you have experienced condensation or frost build-up on your windows. Not only is this not energy efficient but it can ultimately lead to the window breaking or cracking. Double paned windows will save you money on energy bills and improve the overall comfort of your home.

2.  Hot or Cold to the Touch Are your windows hot to the touch during the summer or freezing to the touch during the winter? This is a warning sign that your windows are not adequately keeping outside elements out, and are letting precious air or heat escape your home.

3.  Fading Furniture Have you noticed that the furniture, carpet or drapes near your windows are fading? This is caused by exposure to sunlight. When you replace your old windows with more energy efficient ones you won’t only extend the life of your windows, but you will extend the life of your household items.

4.  Noisy Inside When we want to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors we open our windows, but sometimes unwanted outside noise gets inside even when they’re shut. By replacing your windows you may be surprised at the increased peace and quiet you experience.

5.  Difficulty to Clean There’s nothing more annoying than dingy windows, that even when washed frequently, they still appear dirty. This is another warning sign that you may want to consider replacing your windows.

Today there are many window options that make maintenance easier and more convenient. To increase the life and overall appearance of your home’s windows, call KEVCO for a no-obligation window evaluation in the Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia area.

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