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Here’s Why You Need Summer Solar Panel Cleaning

The popularity of solar panels is on the rise, as they’re a great alternative energy source for those who support green living. Technological advancements have made it possible for people to power their businesses with solar energy, making them profitable while being efficient. But, with the rise of solar panel use comes an influx of questions and concerns. The main one being: do you need to clean solar panels?

The answer is yes.

Just as dirty, cloudy windows do not radiate as much light, grimy solar panels will not produce as much energy. In the Washington, DC metro area, pollen is a prime enemy to your solar panels. A layer of pollen prevents sunlight from reaching solar cells, and therefore causes it to work at low efficiency. Actually, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dirty solar panels may result in a loss of power up to 25-30%, and in high pollen areas that number may be even higher.

Protect Your Investment

Solar panels are a major investment for your business. When they are not working at peak efficiency—in other words, they’re too dirty—they are not saving you the money they are intended to. Solar panel cleaning not only protects your investment, but is essential to the keeping your business operating smoothly, and efficiently.

Schedule Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is quickly becoming one of the most popular add-on services, as the number of commercial installations is skyrocketing. The thing is: solar panels are a sizable investment. Ensure their efficiency and longevity by cleaning them regularly. While DIY solar panel cleaning is an option, risking your safety and damage to your solar cells may not be the best idea. The trusted professionals at KEVCO will save you the trouble by coming to you to complete an inspection and take all required steps to keep your solar panels working their best.

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