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Heavy-Traffic Matting Maintenance

5 Feb2016
floor mats

Blizzard Jonas had a large impact on the D.C., MD, and VA areas, and as the snow quickly melts, we are now facing the after effects of slush and deicing agents! If your commercial property took proper precautions to protect its interior floors, then property managers should make sure that during heavy-usage days, mats are being checked several times a day.

When saturated, the mat is no longer serving its purpose to protect the floor, and therefore must be replaced with a new dry mat. To be safe, property managers should always have a few extra mats on hand for this rotation!

Mats should also be replaced when they show signs of wear, such as curling edges. If you don’t want to replace a mat with brand new ones, then extraction is another more cost effective option. However, this process will not always remove all the moisture on the surface, nor water that creeps in underneath the matting, so choose wisely!

If the saturated mats are not replaced with dry ones, the moisture is tracked further into your facility, along with the destructive salt residue from deicing agents. These things can be extremely damaging to your floors.

On particularly slushy days, it is a good idea to have a microfiber mop handy to stay ahead of any water or slush that makes it past your entrance matting. Wet floor signs and air movers can also be beneficial to call attention to wet surfaces, and keep everyone safe!

Please call KEVCO today for any of your post-storm entrance matting needs! We want to help in anyway we can keep your building’s floors looking beautiful, and protect them from all of the nasty residues that are being tracked into your building as a result of winter weather in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.


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