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Got Mold? It’s Time for Professional Siding Cleaning

13 Apr2016

Have you started spring cleaning yet? As you begin rejuvenating the interior of your home, you should consider hiring a professional to clean your exterior siding. Outdoor surfaces like residential siding need attention following a harsh winter to remove mold spores and other debris. If you want to restore the appearance and health of your residential siding, we can help.

Where’s the Mold?

Go outside and take a look at your siding. If you notice small green or black dots that look similar to pepper, these are mold spores. You are more likely to notice these spores in shaded areas that offer limited sunlight throughout the day. Mold growth tends to rapidly increase as the weather warms up, especially following heavy rainfall. If left untreated, these mold spores will continue to accumulate in an unsightly manner and be more difficult to remove. As a result, your siding may appear dingy or dirty which could decrease the value and curb appeal of your home.

Removing Mold From Residential Siding

Mold spores can be incredibly difficult to remove, especially if your siding has fallen victim to an artillery fungus attack. Artillery fungus can shoot thousands of sticky, small, black spores onto your siding from nearby mulched areas. In most cases, dangerous detergents are not required to remove mold and prevent further growth. The best way to remove an accumulation of mold from your siding is with professional help and pressure cleaning. Trying to remove mold from your siding alone could be dangerous for your health and safety.

At KEVCO, our trusted professionals can restore the appearance and lengthen the life of your siding by ensuring all potential mold growth and debris is safely removed. Give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here for more information about residential siding cleaning.

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