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Give Your Metal Surfaces Sparkle

29 Oct2015
Metal Cleaning

Metal surfaces make the interior and exterior of your commercial building shine. If your building is lacking the brilliance you desire, it’s probably because your metal surfaces are dull and in need of some TLC. KEVCO Building Services, Inc. offers metal cleaning, polishing, and restoration services to remove tough stains and keep your metal surfaces looking beautiful longer. Stains on metal surfaces are most likely caused by any number of reasons; natural deterioration from outside elements, fingerprints and other elements of deterioration are possibilities. These accumulations are usually unavoidable, so regular metal cleaning is a must. Our metal cleaning services are ideal for handrails, entranceways, decorative trim, window frames, elevator doors, architectural panels, and any other metal service you desire to have cleaned and restored. After cleaning the metal surface we seal the surface to prevent further deterioration. Give your metal surfaces some glimmer before the holiday season arrives. Call KEVCO today for any of your metal cleaning or restoration needs in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area!

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