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Exterior Cleaning Before Temperatures Drop

5 Dec2014

exterior cleaningThe temperatures are dropping in the Washington area which means you are losing valuable time that is needed to maintain the exterior of your home. Exterior cleaning is necessary before the weather gets too cold, otherwise it will make it more difficult for the team at KEVCO to be able to clean your windows or gutters.

Take care of critical exterior items such as window cleaning and gutter cleaning to avoid nasty leaks inside your home during the winter. This is a great time to change lights in lampposts and clean spider webs around your home as well.

In the winter, you appreciate all the sunshine you can get. Let the sun shine through your windows this winter by cleaning them inside and out. Once January and February arrive, the temperatures could be too low to wash your windows. KEVCO recommends having your windows cleaned twice a year; once in the fall and once during spring or summer time. Allowing KEVCO to clean your windows will help prevent massive dirt build up and allow the sun to keep your home warm throughout the winter.

If your gutters are filled with leaves that have fallen from trees, water cannot be flushed out properly. The dropping temperatures can also freeze water in your downspouts, resulting in this same issue.  A lot of damage can occur in your home ranging from water damage to drywall to vermin infestations if gutters and downspouts are not cleaned and flushed properly. It is imperative that you allow a cleaning services company, like KEVCO, to tend to your gutters and downspouts before it is too late.

All of the exterior cleaning work done now, before temperatures drop, will improve your home throughout the winter. Allow KEVCO to keep your Washington Metropolitan areahome’s exterior safe, beautiful, and maintenanced, just in time for the winter weather. For all your window cleaning and gutter or downspout cleaning needs before the winter arrives, contact KEVCO Building Services Inc.

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