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Deck Restoration

21 Jul2014
Power Washing

Deck restoration and sealing services by KEVCO Building Services, Inc. serving Bethesda, MD 20810 including DC, MD, VADid you know that if your deck is not sealed properly, UV rays, rain, and other elements could destroy it? With each storm, hot summer day, and even backyard barbeque, you put your deck at risk. Providing your deck with proper care is imperative to avoid damage. KEVCO Building Services, Inc. offers deck restoration and care services that allow your deck to stay in great shape with each passing year.

Unfortunately, your deck is not safe from the sun. After sunlight exposure, your deck may become gray, which is a sign of the wood drying out. During the hot summers in the DC Metropolitan area, UV exposure is a great concern. Even if it begins to rain, snow, or sleet, water damage can harm your deck. Be aware that even sprinklers and pools can put your deck at risk. Keeping an eye out for rotting wood is imperative. Your deck can easily rot if algae and mold begin to grow. The best way to prevent these problems is to regularly clean and maintain the deck.

With regular cleanings and proper maintenance, your deck can be restored to increase your home’s value and aesthetics. To seal and protect decks in the DC, MD, VA area, KEVCO uses Wolman products. With a choice of cedar, redwood, and natural colors, Wolman sealant keeps exterior wood looking beautiful year round. What separates Wolman sealant from others is that it is a commercial product. This means you will not find this product at your local home improvement store.  KEVCO’s team trusts this product to protect outdoor wood from all the elements that can occur in this area.

If you are a busy homeowner that cares about the exterior of your home and wants worry-free professional home services, KEVCO is the company for you. Our team of professionals has been endorsed by the Washington Post and has a top-notch rating from the Washington Consumer Checkbook Magazine. Your home will be receiving great care. For more information or for a FREE estimate,please contact KEVCO Building Services, Inc., today!

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