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Curb Appeal for the Winter Months

Brutally cold weather is slowly making its way into the Washington Metropolitan area. Before fall ends, you should be sure that your home is prepared to handle the cold weather and is looking its absolute best! All exterior work on your home should be completed before the winter months no longer allow you to make aesthetic improvements.

With KEVCO, our team  of Exterior Cleaning Professionals can help you prepare your home for the Winter with Pressure Washing services. Between pollen, grilling outside, bonfires, and other dirt accumulations, your home, driveways, shed, play areas, and patio may not have the curb appeal your desire. By pressure washing your home, not only will it look better, but will also reduce the work preparing your home when Spring comes; doing the cleaning NOW makes it easier Later!

Another way give your home some curb appeal before Winter arrives is cleaning your windows. With the holidays around the corner you want to make sure that your windows are sparkly clean for all of your family dinners and celebrations. Let the beauty of the bright Fall & Winter sunshine in on your home to enhance any celebration!

Cleaning your gutters and downspouts before Winter arrives is also extremely important. With the leaves beginning to fall, your gutters will start to accumulate  leaves debris from trees. If you don’t clean and flush your gutters and downspouts,  damage can occur to your home ranging from water damage to drywall to vermin infestations due to standing water. You don’t  want to wait until freezing cold temps arrive to clean your gutters. Cold air will freeze the water in your downspouts, which will not allow the water to be flushed out properly. Not to mention, overflowing gutters do not look pretty!

Let KEVCO help your home look beautiful! With the holidays quickly approaching you’ll want to make sure that your house is looking its absolute best for all of your family gatherings! Contact KEVCO today for any of your pressure washing, window cleaning, or gutter cleaning needs in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area.

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