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When to Consider Window Cleaning for Your Business

27 Aug2014

P1020554Just like a home, curb appeal is important for all businesses. The outside of your building is the first thing customers will see before entering. Why jeopardize your company’s business with a dirty building, particularly the windows? KEVCO Building Services, Inc. (best known for our window cleaning services) offer many options to cleaning your company’s building. Whether your windows or dirty or graffiti appeared over night, our team can help you!

How often does your building’s windows need to be cleaned? A large factor in this is the type of business you run. Typically, restaurants should have their windows cleaned more often than a government building or airport. Below is a list of the average amount of time in between each window cleaning that is necessary for different types of businesses.

  •         Restaurants: Every two weeks (inside and out)
  •         Retail Stores: Once a month
  •         Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities: Once a month or more (inside and out)
  •         Office Buildings: Twice a year (inside and out)

The amount of time listed above is not for every business because it does not consider different elements such as weather and your company’s competition. For example, in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area during the spring, it is likely that pollen will be stuck to windows. This time of year may require windows to be cleaned more often than normal, especially for restaurants. Retail stores need to consider their competitors. Your business should be very appealing compared to other businesses in order to attract customers.

Despite weather and competition, your business may also need to consider the location. Buildings located near busy streets may collect more dirt than buildings in areas with moderate traffic. Even landscaping surrounding the building can affect the amount of dirt on windows. It is best to get a consultation to determine the best solution for your company’s building. KEVCO Building Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing all clients with exceptional service (and the cleanest windows).Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!

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