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Commercial Metal Maintenance for Optimal Shine

5 May2016
Metal Cleaning

Architectural features made of metal can transform an ordinary commercial facility into a professional, polished, and modern atmosphere. Metal is a strong, yet sleek material that is most commonly used to construct elevator doors, handrails, entryways, and window frames. Commercial buildings usually generate a heavy amount of foot traffic, especially residential complexes. Metal maintenance is essential if you want your features to make a great impression on your guests.

Why is Metal Cleaning Important?

Think about the last time you were in a metal elevator. Did you notice unsightly fingerprints and oil smudges near the buttons or on the door? Whether it was a child with dirty hands or an adult touching the door on the their way in or out, these accumulations are extremely unavoidable and do not go unnoticed. This is especially true if you own an apartment complex or residential building. Fingerprints, dust, oil, and other debris can hinder the appearance of your metal surfaces and make them appear dirty, dull, or stained. Metal cleaning is important because it helps prevent further deterioration and restores the shine of your metal, which in turn restores your building’s reputation of cleanliness and excellence.

Metal Restoration and Maintenance with KEVCO

Metal surfaces require regular attention to preserve their integrity and deliver optimal shine. At KEVCO, our highly trained and qualified Metal/Duranodic experts can work with you to design a restoration or maintenance program that ensures the ongoing beauty and cleanliness of your metal. Using our keen eye for maintenance, we can evaluate the needs of your commercial space and determine the most cost-effective solution for effectively cleaning those unruly metal surfaces in both high traffic and hard to reach areas.

Once we have removed stains and debris, we will seal your metal surfaces to prevent further deterioration and help you maintain your professional edge. Our metal maintenance services are ideal for: brass handrails, entryways, silver anodized window frames, elevator doors, bronze duranodic frames, and architectural panels.

For more information on KEVCO’s metal cleaning services in the D.C., MD, and VA areas call 800.315.3444 today. Click here for a special offer on your next commercial cleaning!

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