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Bird Proofing Your Commercial Property

29 Mar2016

Spring has sprung! Do you know what that means? Aside from warm weather and blooming flowers, it means that several bird populations are migrating back north for breeding season. If your commercial property was seemingly unscathed from bird droppings in the winter months, there’s a good chance that your luck is about to change. Every year, birds cause millions and millions of dollars in damage to commercial properties. If you want to keep your commercial property healthy and beautiful throughout the spring and into the summer, bird proofing is essential.

How Can Birds Damage My Commercial Property?

Birds look for unique places to nest in the spring. Oftentimes, this means they find shelter in your rooftop machinery, lighting, and HVAC ventilation systems. They perch, leave unattractive droppings, and bring several different kinds of debris back to the scene in order to craft their nests. These feathered friends can bring disease and cause dangerous physical damage by clogging drains that result in leaks or fires.

What Are My Bird-Proofing Options?

At KEVCO, our team of experienced Bird Proofing consultants is equipped to analyze your commercial property and devise a solution to your bird proofing problem. Here are some of the available options for a Bird Deterrent System:

  • StealthNet: StealthNet is a versatile bird exclusion system that hinders birds access to architectural configurations like courtyards, rooftops, overhangs and parking garages.
  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes: Stainless steel bird spikes deter pigeons and larger sized birds from perching on the architecture of your building. They are durably designed to conform gently to the curvature of your building’s design.
  • Bird Coil or Wire: Bird coil or wire is a highly effective, yet simple anti-perching system. The coils are durably made from high-grade stainless steel and ideal for long, exposed, and narrow building edges.
  • Shock Flex Wire: Shock flex wire is a low-profile ledge deterrent system that deters all types of birds through a stainless steel electrified track that conforms to your building’s architectural configurations. Birds will fear this system and fly away before causing damage.

Allow KEVCO to keep the relationship between birds and buildings a friendly and humane one. If you need high-quality bird proofing services in the DC Metro area, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here for a special commercial bird proofing offer. We’d love to help.

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