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Bird Proofing Options For Your Commercial Property

21 Jan2016
Bird Proofing

Bird proofing your commercial property is a specialty service KEVCO provides, and it’s extremely important for all property managers to consider this service if they wish to protect the integrity of their property. Each year birds cause millions of dollars in damage to commercial properties around the world. These feathered friends are known to cause damage to building rooftops, hvac units, and seek shelter in vents and other areas that are easy to get into and offer protection from the outside elements. When birds decide to move into your building, they will without a doubt leave damages behind!

There’s good news! KEVCO offers a variety of bird barriers for buildings experiencing bird problems. Depending on your bird issue you have at hand, there are several routes to go in protecting your commercial building.

Spike bird barriers are ideal devices to stop pigeons or larger sized birds from perching on your building. They’re made from stainless steel, so they’re durable, and they curve gently to conform to your building’s features.

Coils are considered the most innovative and easy-to-use anti-perching system there is. Made from high-grade stainless steel, they’re durable, and ideal for long, exposed, and narrow building edges.

Lastly there is flexwire which will protect your building against all species of birds. This low profile ledge deterrent system is effective against all birds by using the principle of fear and flight, teaching birds to stay away.  

If you notice an unusual amount of birds around your property, debris collecting on ledges, or bird droppings, then you more than likely have some new feathered friends who have made a home on your commercial property.

By contacting our team of Bird-Proofing consultants, KEVCO can devise a solution to your bird dilemma by installing a bird-deterrent system that works for you. Our utmost concern is to keep the relationship between birds and buildings a friendly and humane one. To learn more about KEVCO’s bird proofing services and to set up an evaluation in Washington D.C., Virginia, or Maryland call 800-315-3444.

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