As the owner, operator, or manager of a commercial business, you’re faced with a wide array of challenges and tasks each and every day. The condition of your light bulbs might be the last thing on your mind right now, but they play a really big role in the look, professionalism, and safety of your business. Do you need professional light bulb or ballast changing services and a team of experts who can get the job done both safely and efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At KEVCO Building Services, we take pride in offering commercial clients the best in reliability and superior specialty services. We’ve been serving the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas for years, and we can ensure your light bulb needs are met with no trouble at all. By putting our experience and training to work for your business, we’ll guarantee great illumination and visibility of your business’s interior and exterior at all times!

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Light Bulb Changing Services

Your commercial lighting takes advantage of precise design in order to accommodate your unique needs, and this often presents a fairly challenging situation when they need to be changed or replaced. In order to retain the function of these lights (and to keep your business out of the dark!) you need the advantage of trained professionals with the tools to get the job done right. Whether your lights are 10 feet up or 200, we’ve got all that is needed to get the job done.

At KEVCO we offer complete light bulb chancing services, including:

  • Commercial exterior light bulb changing
  • Decorative light bulb changing
  • Advertisement lighting
  • LED bulb changing
  • Halogen and fluorescent bulb changing
  • High-intensity and halide lights
  • Commercial interior light bulb service
  • And more!

Benefits of Professional Service

By choosing to work with dedicated professionals you can gain considerably more than just some fresh bulbs:

  • Guaranteed safety: Bulb changing isn’t at the top of anyone’s high-risk list, but it should be. With shock risks, chances of broken glass, and height hazards, a commercial bulb change can be risky. That means you want insured and experienced professionals on the job.
  • Better lighting efficiency: High-performance light bulbs can not only make your business look and feel better overall, but they can also affect your business’s energy usage. When you consider each and every bulb, the potential savings are quite significant.
  • A presentable business: A business needs to be as functional, presentable, and welcoming as possible. Shadowy rooms and building blind spots aren’t any way to attain or retain either of those! Good, reliable bulbs in every fixture can ensure you keep things well-lit and appealing.

Commercial Light Bulb Services in MD, VA & DC

Whether you need a one-time service, or you’re looking for a team who can handle an ongoing effort to keep your bulbs in proper order, you’ll find the services and dependable quality you want with the KEVCO team.

Contact us online or call (800) 315-3444 today to schedule service or find out more!