Green Cleaning Practices in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

At KEVCO Building Services there are a few things every single member of our team takes very, very seriously. The quality of our services is one, of course. As is our commitment to reliability and being an authority in our field. But certainly not least of all we take green cleaning practices and environmentally sustainable services just as seriously!

Our team takes great care in ensuring the services we provide are as safe as possible, both for our clients, and our environment as a whole. To do this we employ recycling systems,cleaning and capture systems, as well as utilize approved safe soaps and chemicals. When you want a service team that cares, we want you to know we’re right here.

Want to find out more about our green cleaning and service practices, or want to view our MSDS sheets? Contact a KEVCO specialist online!

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Why Does Green Cleaning Matter?

The fact is many of the chemicals commonly used in cleaning, restoration, and other building services are somewhat unsafe. This goes for unsafe to clients and unsafe to the environment as a whole. Ignoring this can contribute to a bigger carbon footprint, it can impact local wildlife, and it can even begin harming plants, animals, and humans on a very large scale.

Our specialists firmly believe it is our responsibility to ensure we do all we can to improve our services in every way. If there’s a green option that gets the job done right, we utilize it. It’s just one more way to show we care, and one more way to do some good in our little corner of the world.

Our Green Cleaning Practices

We tackle the issue of sustainability by using all the latest proven and safe technology we can, transforming our services into a complete, environmentally-friendly way to get the clean commercial and residential structures our clients deserve. Our services aim to be completely sustainable in all regards, which is something we continue to work on to this day. If there’s a new way to get things done clean, we want to use them when we provide service for you!

The steps we have taken include:

  • The use of environmentally-friendly soaps and cleaners in our glass cleaning, pressure washing, and metal cleaning services
  • Chemicals and cleaning products used by our team are approved biodegradable, which we can back up with MSDS sheets upon request
  • Water capturing systems are used in pressure washing and cleaning services. This means we catch and gather up all dirty or contaminated water and take it to appropriate and safe recycling and offloading locations
  • We also make use of a handy little tool called The Power Boss, a military grade pressure cleaning system. The Power Boss is equipped with an inbuilt water recycling system, ensuring our pressure cleaning services don’t contribute to waste water.

Choose KEVCO for Green Cleaning Services in DC, MD & VA

Whatever the service may be, great care and consideration of the environment is first and foremost for every crew on each and every job. That’s KEVCO—we care about our environment—for today and for generations to come.

For professional green cleaning services, contact our team online today, or give us a call at 800-315-3444 to get your quote now!

Serving Washington DC Metro, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Maryland areas, including, Chevy Chase, Olney, Potomac, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and beyond.

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