Bird Proofing in Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC

You’re probably quite familiar with the eyesore and headache of a bird roost on or near your commercial business. In our city areas we’re positively plagued with them! This leads to tons of obnoxious noise, unsightly droppings, structural damage, and can even pose a health risk. Looking for the best bird control and bird proofing solutions for your Maryland, DC, or Virginia business? If so then good—because you’ve come to the right place!

The commercial building cleaning and maintenance specialists at KEVCO Building Services carry extensive experience and training in setting up effective bird proofing systems. We offer humane and gentle solutions that get the job done, and done right! No more birds, no more messes, and no more noisy distractions. Just good business and reliable results, which are what we’re all about.

For bird prevention and proofing services in MD, VA, and DC Metro contact KEVCO online today! Or please give us a call at (800) 315-3444 to get your complimentary service quote!

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Complete Bird Proofing Services with KEVCO

Each structure is unique, and thus has unique bird problems that need unique bird solutions. That’s why we offer a complete array of products and services that tailor specifically to your needs. When you call on our team for bird proofing services we will examine your problem thoroughly, and then devise the ideal solutions for your specific needs.

Our bird prevention services and products include:

  • StealthNet. StealthNet is a highly effective bird barrier, covering areas like rooftops and courtyards by completely denying access to bird populations. For complete prevention solutions, nothing works as well overall.
  • Stainless steel bird spikes. Bird spikes are a simple yet very effective and cost-minded bird solution. The spikes are deployed along ridges on your structure, keeping birds from landing and beginning to roost.
  • Bird coil or wire. Not a fan of spikes? Bird coil operates under the simple principle of destabilizing common bird landing areas, making landing and nesting impossible.
  • Shock flex wire. Simple electrified strips are applied to common landing surfaces with this service. The strip delivers a minor but effective shock, safely but firmly disallowing birds any access to your structure.

The Benefits of Bird Proofing Your DC-Area Property

Birds all over your building is plenty an eyesore all its own, of course. But ridding yourself of your birdy visitors can provide you with more benefits than you might think:

  • Associate and client health. Many species of intercity bird carry diseases and illness, spreading them to the nearby human population. Ridding your business of birds can help you stay clean, healthy, and safe.
  • Preserved equipment. Birds can be a nightmare for lighting systems, HVAC, and other outdoor sensitive equipment. Keeping these avian pests away can keep your systems safe and clear of clogs and other problems caused by roosting.
  • Keep a cleaner structure. Not quite a delicate topic, but there’s no denying that birds can make an absolute mess of your business. This leads to needing more garage cleaning, structural cleaning, window cleaning, and more. Or you can simply get rid of the birds!

Choose KEVCO as Your Bird Proofer in Northern VA, Maryland & Washington, DC

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Serving Washington, DC Metro, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Maryland areas, including, Chevy Chase, Olney, Potomac, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and beyond.

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