Banner Hanging & Installation in the DC Metro Area

Banners are a proud display of your business, acting as both advertisement and vital brand recognition while serving a decorative purpose as well. But installing them or hanging them can be a pretty hefty—even dangerous—challenge. Whether you’re planning an event or looking for a longer-term installation, you need experts with tools and equipment that can handle your needs. You’ll find all you could ever ask for with the experts at KEVCO Building Services!

Our specialists have been serving Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia for years. With our extensive training and access to top commercial tools, we can handle all of your tough jobs, from parking garage cleaning to metal maintenance and even banner installation and hanging.

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Banner Hanging & Installation Services

As a business, we’ve built our reputation on bringing commercial and residential clients the absolute best in specialty services. That means arriving on time, providing ideal service, and respecting your needs with every effort we make.

When you choose KEVCO for banner installation and hanging, we show up ready to work, equipped with the latest in safety and installation equipment in order to complete the job with precision. Whether you need banners ten stories high or two, or if you need event banner installation in a pinch, we’re the team you can expect to get the job done right.

Our experts can handle a wide range of hanging and installation projects, including:

  • Commercial building banner installation
  • Event banner installation
  • Ad banner installation
  • Municipal and city event banner installation
  • Various additional forms of visual merchandising and advertising
  • And more!

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Benefits of Professional Banner Installation

So, why outsource instead of getting the maintenance staff to handle it? There are some big reasons why you should be working with a team of pros:

  • Safety: First and foremost, banner installation even a floor or two up can be really dangerous. It takes some specialized tools and training to get the job done with no incidents, and KEVCO takes safety as a priority.
  • Job precision: Even the slightest error can make a banner go off-center or look crooked, which completely negates the purpose and leaves your building or event looking shabby. You want pros who can nail the job on the first try!
  • Timely installation: With our dedicated installation teams and equipment, the job can be done in no time, letting you enjoy the perks of your new banners as soon as possible.
  • Lasting banners: A precise and high-quality installation adds longevity to banners meant to be up for weeks, months, or years.

Schedule Professional Banner Installation in the MD, DC & Northern VA Area

The teams and project leaders at KEVCO are devoted to offering peerless service and top-class results for every single job we handle. We take your needs seriously, respect your budget and time needs, and always deliver the peak quality we’re capable of.

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