We are dedicated to lessening or eliminating the impact of our cleaning services on the environment & its natural resources. With water being the #1 most valuable natural resource in the entire World,  we show our  distinction as a cleaning industry leader by using safe and green cleaning practices. Our mantra – reduce, reuse, recycle can be seen by our practices both in the office and in the field. Reclaiming and recycling water, utilizing both biodegradable & green guarantee soaps, reducing paper usage & recycling paper, computer cartridges among many other items are major parts of our continued efforts & commitments to the environment; not only for ourselves, but for the clients we serve.

With the introduction of The PowerBoss, KEVCO has launched itself into the cleaning stratosphere – we are the only exterior cleaning company that owns and operates this self-contained, transportable  water recycling system solely dedicated to reclaiming, recapturing and recycling water used in exterior cleaning, such as pressure cleaning and garage cleaning. The PowerBoss removes dirt, oil,grease,rubber & other surface accumulations without any run-off. The water is collected in the vacuum of the unit, filtered through a 4 – stage recycling system which allows KEVCO to use clean water continuously. This heavy-duty, military-grade system provides the client with an EPA Compliant Cleaning Package . No need for waste water disposal as the unit continually cleans green!

Serving Washington DC Metro, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Maryland areas, including, Chevy Chase, Olney, Potomac, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and beyond.