Residential Siding Cleaning in Washington, DC, Northern VA & Maryland 

Take a walk around the outside of your house. Do you see green spots or tiny black dots on your vinyl siding? What you’re seeing is algae and mold. The north side of your house is the most prone to algae and mold growth because it’s constantly in the shade. This allows moisture to linger and promote microbial growth.

KEVCO Building Services can eliminate unsightly microbes from your siding with our residential pressure cleaning services. Applying water at the correct pressure is the most effective way to clean mold and algae from your siding. However, you should never attempt to power wash the siding if you’re not a trained professional.

With experience dating back to 1988, the experts at KEVCO are qualified to clean your vinyl siding safely and effectively. For professional siding cleaning in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia, please call KEVCO at 800-315-3444 and request a free quote.

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Siding Cleaning Services in MD, DC & VA

It’s critical that you hire a professional to pressure wash your siding. If you attempt to clean vinyl siding with the wrong detergent or too much water pressure, you could do more harm than good. Water could seep into vents and cause wood rot between the siding and the house. Excessive pressure could even blow a hole through the siding!

The experts at KEVCO have three decades of experience cleaning siding with low water pressure and proper care. Our team will leave your house looking crisp and clean with no damage to the house or yard. Here’s what our process looks like:

  • We pre-wet and/or tarp the landscape to prevent damaging your plants.
  • We add biodegradable algaecide and fungicide treatments to the water used for siding cleaning. This removes existing growth more effectively than water alone, and it prevents algae and mold from returning as quickly.
  • We use special equipment to deliver water at just the right pressure.
  • We stand on stabilized ladders and spray downward to ensure water doesn’t seep into vents and other siding penetrations.
  • We finish with a low-pressure water rinse to leave your siding spotless and undamaged.

Benefits of Professional Siding Cleaning

Don’t ignore the green or black spots on your siding! Schedule a professional cleaning from KEVCO to enjoy these benefits:

  • Avoid expensive home repairs: If mold and algae are growing on the outside of your home, they can certainly move to the inside. Siding cleaning helps prevent damage to your insulation and home structures, so you avoid expensive repairs.
  • Restore value and beauty to your home: You won’t believe the difference a bit of pressure washing can have on the appearance of your home. With the algae and mold growth removed, your siding will look virtually brand new!
  • Prevent damaging your home: Siding cleaning is not for do-it-yourselfers. To avoid doing more harm than good, leave the job to a licensed professional.

Schedule Siding Cleaning in DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

When you need to have your siding cleaned, don’t choose an unqualified contractor that could use the wrong detergent or excessive water pressure. Instead, count on the experts at KEVCO for a job well done every time. We have the proper permits and licenses to provide this service to homeowners in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

To schedule professional siding cleaning, please contact KEVCO Building Services today.

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