Residential Mirror Cleaning in Maryland, Northern VA & Washington, DC

There’s probably no home out there that doesn’t feature at least a few mirrors, and in most homes, you can find a plethora of them being used for decoration, function, or both. While mirrors can be a gorgeous and useful addition to your home, they can also be a pain to clean. Looking for a way to restore your grimy mirrors to a perfect polish? Then you just found your answer—KEVCO Building Services offers complete mirror cleaning for residential clients!

The home service and cleaning specialists at KEVCO have been offering dependable solutions and trusted quality to homeowners throughout Maryland, Virginia, and DC for years. With our top of the line equipment and flawless cleaning processes, we ensure smudge and streak-free results.

Looking for a team of cleaning experts that can meet your mirror cleaning needs? Contact KEVCO online now to set up an appointment, or feel free to call (800) 315-3444 for a free quote!

Mirror Cleaning Services in Maryland

Our experts have the ideal answer for all of your residential glass and mirror cleaning needs. We utilize trusted cleaning tools and completely safe (and environmentally friendly) chemicals to ensure your mirrors wind up looking as fresh and crystal clear as they day you had them installed. We proudly offer our services to all residential homes and building types and can handle mirrors of any type or use, including:

  • Plane mirrors
  • Concave mirrors
  • Convex mirrors
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Home decor mirrors
  • Outdoor mirrors and mirror finishes
  • And more!

The Benefits of Professional Mirror Cleaning

With mirror cleaning services from KEVCO, you’ll receive the following advantages:

  • Good as new mirrors. The day you installed your mirrors, we bet you loved them, right? But now it’s been six months, a year, maybe even many years, and the mirror is looking dingy at best. Rather than go the easy and expensive route by replacing them, you can have them restored to near perfection by our pros.
  • Preservation. Proper and routine mirror cleaning reduces risks like set-in grime and staining that can permanently damage mirrors. By getting cleaning, you’re not only getting a fancy mirror out of the deal, but you’re also getting one that will last a lot longer, too.
  • An eco-friendly answer. At KEVCO, we take green standards and the environment very seriously. That means we only use safe chemicals and products that minimize the impact on our ecosystem, so you can feel good about the clean we bring.  
  • Less time wasted. Giving a mirror a really proper cleaning can take a ton of time, and even then the odds of leaving streaks and mess behind are high. But with our cutting-edge tools the job can be done fast, done right, and done flawlessly.

Superior Residential Cleaning Services with KEVCO in Montgomery County, MD

Our team is proud to offer a wide array of specialty services to our residential clients. Whether you’re looking for mirror restoration, pressure washing, window cleaning, or even spider web removal, we’re the experts who are ready to handle your needs.

To schedule mirror cleaning in MD, DC, or Northern VA, contact KEVCO online or call (800) 315-3444 today!