Parking Garage Cleaning Services in Fairfax, VA

As we all know well, keeping a parking garage clean can be a nightmare. Between resources, time, and the sheer gravity of the undertaking, many businesses simply let them fester. But not your business! You’ve got KEVCO Building Services on your side, and we’re perfectly equipped to provide for all of your garage cleaning needs!

The KEVCO team has been offering superior service and perfect quality to commercial clients throughout Fairfax for years. Through a combination of cutting-edge tech, extensive training and experience, and a drive to bring you the best, we stand at the top of perfect commercial cleaning service in our area.

Need to schedule a single-service parking garage or parking lot cleaning, or looking to set up routine cleaning services in Fairfax? Contact the specialists at KEVCO either online or by shooting us a call at (800) 315-3444 for your free quote!

Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Whether your parking facility is above ground, below, tiny, or massive, we’ve got the means to provide the thorough and complete cleaning you need. Our top-class commercial garage cleaning team in Fairfax owns and maintains industry leading cleaning equipment on-site, ensuring we control the quality of our service from beginning to end.

We handle complete parking garage cleaning services that takes the sanitation and appearance needs of your unique business seriously. Our commercial garage cleaning in Fairfax is absolute and comprehensive, meaning we cover it all:

  • Dust and clean all overhead pipes
  • Pre-treat and degrease oil stains
  • Pressure clean floors columns and walls
  • Detail handrails and mirrors
  • Scrub, sweep, and vacuum all residue

When our team is done, we can guarantee your parking lot or garage will be absolutely spotless, and will look as great as is did the day it was constructed—or better!

Interested in scheduling commercial garage cleaning for your Fairfax, VA property? Contact KEVCO today!

Benefits of Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning

Pursuing a professional cleaning service brings you a whole lot more than just some cleaner concrete. By seeking routine parking garage cleaning service with our professionals, you stand to gain:

  • A professional appearance. Whether you’re attracting new employees, new clients, or looking to retain either, the appearance of your business is a big factor. The “face” of your business should be as inviting and clean-cut as your services and products! By getting a professional parking lot cleaning regularly you’re improving the aesthetics of your business in a big way.  
  • Time and resource saving. Committing custodial staff or other employee assets to grueling garage cleaning can eat massive amounts of time and energy better spent elsewhere. Let our trained and equipped professionals make the process fast, easy, and guaranteed to be flawless!  
  • Protection for a large and costly investment. The constant buildup of moisture, grime, and mold that are all common to both above and underground parking spaces are all severely detrimental to concrete and similar materials. Professional parking lot cleaning removes these hazards, and preserves your parking spaces, reducing repair costs.
  • Better client and employee health. Even outside of a freak oil slick slip, health can be negatively impacted by the constant presence of mold and moisture. Employees and clients with sensitive allergies are affected the worst, but even those without can end up with headaches, lethargy, and other common illnesses.

Choose KEVCO Building Services for Parking Lot Cleaning in Fairfax, VA

From 30 parking spaces to 3000 and more, we can clean, scrub, sweep and degrease any parking garage, parking lot, or parking deck and vacuum up all of the debris and dirty water. With a massive fleet of Tennant ride on garage cleaning equipment along with portable and transportable pressure cleaning equipment, KEVCO has the only full-time garage cleaning team that owns and operates all equipment to peak performance for any size parking facility. Underground, above ground, or parking lots, our garage cleaning team can do it all.

Let KEVCO help you keep dirt and debris outside where it belongs. Call our experts at (800) 315-3444 and we will be happy to provide you with a FREE, on-site estimate of your parking garage cleaning needs. Or, contact us online for residential or commercial garage cleaning in Fairfax!

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