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The Benefits of Window Cleaning

15 Mar2016

The Benefits of Window Cleaning

Spring is here, the weather is warming up, and we all willfully gave up one hour of sleep for an extra hour of sunshine at the end of our days. Did you know that natural light is a proven mood and productivity booster? Use this extra sunshine to your advantage! Experience the WOW! effect of clean windows when you invest in residential or commercial window cleaning. KEVCO is here to fill you in on the benefits of window cleaning.

Boost Health

If the windows at your home or office are dirty, they are not letting in as much natural light as they could be. Smudges can create a glare that make peering out the window undesirable.  Additionally, windows that have not been professionally cleaned usually hold dust that could disrupt people with allergies. The cleaner your home or workplace is, the healthier the overall atmosphere will be. This is particularly important if you own commercial property and have several employees working in close quarters. Healthier employees are happier employees.

Boost Productivity

The presence of natural light is known to enhance mood and boost productivity. Being around plants in office spaces is also a proven way to boost productivity. If your employees can view a garden or plant life from your windows, that is an added bonus! Clean windows will help foster a cheerful and more effective work environment.


If you own high rise commercial building, investing in professional window cleaning is the best and  safest option for getting the job done. At KEVCO, our experienced window cleaners use the latest and safest equipment in the industry to tackle and complete any size job. Our inventory includes: CDC Equipment (Controlled Descent Equipment), motorized scaffolding, hydraulic lifts, ladders, articulating boom lifts (up to 120 ft.), custom built scaffold, and water-fed pole systems with deionized water tanks and extensions up to 30 ft; a method of cleaning window glass that is “spot free”. We can  satisfy your residential window cleaning needs as well!

At KEVCO, we want to help you with the WOW effect  by promoting a happier, healthier environment with our window cleaning services. When you’re ready for the cleanest windows in the Washington, D.C. metro area, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us hereClick here for a special window cleaning offer!

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