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Water-fed Pole Window Cleaning for a Spot-Free Shine

18 May2016

What do you see when you look out of your third floor office window? Are there smudges, dirt, or animal droppings on the exterior of the window that are obscuring your view? Keeping commercial windows shiny and clean is an important part of maintaining your curb appeal and maximizing the natural light flow into your space.

Using a Water-fed Pole, the expert staff at KEVCO can deliver a spot-free shine to your commercial windows or solar panels without using dangerous lifts and ladders. Let’s talk about why this is beneficial.

What is a Water-fed Pole?

A water-fed pole is a telescoping pole with a cleaning brush fixed on the high end that utilizes deionized water through a narrow hose to remove grime and impurities from surfaces like windows and solar panels, delivering a spot-free shine that doesn’t require squeegeeing.

Water-fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water-fed window cleaning techniques are more efficient and less dangerous than traditional methods that employ high rising equipment. The expert staff at KEVCO can effectively perform water-fed washing techniques and restore the streak-free appearance of your windows using extensions up to 30 ft. This signature service is perfect for low rise office parks, car dealerships, museums, universities, storefronts, and entranceways.

Water-fed Pole Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panels clean and clear of debris is essential If you want to keep your solar panels operating at peak efficiency throughout the summer. Using chemicals to clean your solar panels could cause surface deterioration and harm the environment. Water-fed poles are ideal for solar panel cleaning because they are able to tackle and clean those hard-to-reach panels while minimizing ladder use.

If you need help restoring the beauty and spot-free shine of your commercial windows in the DC Metro area, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here.

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