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The Importance of Parking Garage Re-Striping

Parking garages say a lot about your property. If they’re dirty or disorderly, chances are you will deter people from entering your building. In order to keep your parking garage looking its best, it needs structure, and a major part of its structure comes from parking garage striping.

The problem is that over time, parking lot lines fade, especially when massive traffic or severe weather elements are involved. For this reason, experts say parking garages require re-striping every 18-24 months. Now, as a property owner, you may think that seems excessive, but the benefits of re-striping will convince you otherwise.

Benefits of Parking Garage Re-striping

Overall Aesthetic

One of the more obvious benefits of re-striping is overall aesthetic. A freshly re-striped parking lot with vivid lines will improve your appearance and improve first impressions of your business. It’s an easy boost in curb appeal and clientele.

Order & Organization

If you’ve ever seen a parking lot with completely faded lines, you know it is chaotic and messy. Giving your parking lot new lines will create order and organization, making it easier for residents or customers to know exactly where driving lanes are and where authorized parking spots are. Just like lines on the road, parking lot striping provides guidance and keeps everything running smoothly.

Safety & Liability

A disorderly parking garage is an unsafe parking garage. If the lines are not clearly marked, there’s a higher risk of confusion, which puts the risk of accidents through the roof. Parking lot striping communicates who has the right of way, where to stop, where pedestrians can walk, and which direction to go. Without the lines, there is chaos. And where there is chaos, there is danger, and since it is your property, you are liable for any accidents that may occur.

Customer Satisfaction

Parking garage re-striping is an inexpensive and instant way to improve your property for customers, tenants, or clients. Your parking lot is a part of your overall service, and by re-striping it you are communicating to them that their experience matters to you and you want them to have the best service from the moment they enter until the moment they depart.

Parking Garage Maintenance Matters

The benefits of re-striping your parking garage are key to keeping your property looking and acting its best. If your parking lot lines look dull, it’s probably time to include re-striping in your maintenance plan!

No matter what your parking lot maintenance needs include, KEVCO has the perfect people for the job. If your DC metro area parking facilities are looking rough, contact the professionals at KEVCO here, or fill out our commercial special offer here. We’ve got just the right people for the job!

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