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Spider Web Removal

6 May2016

One of the last things you ever want to see indoors or outdoors is a spider web, because it means a potentially dangerous spider could be near. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a commercial stairwell or your personal bathroom, spiders can make it a scarier place. Unfortunately, it is very common for spiders to find their way indoors and start spinning their webs, especially during the warmer months. Read on to learn about the importance of spider web removal.

 How Did Spiders Get Inside?

Spiders most commonly gain entry to your home or building while they are on the hunt for prey. During the warmer months, when you keep your windows and doors open for longer, you make it simple for spiders to crawl through the screen cracks and window frames. Aside from taking advantage of tiny gaps and cracks throughout your space, spiders can hitch a ride inside on your pet or clothing. They feed on various insects, including other spiders.

Where Are the Spider Webs?

Spider webs can be very subtle, but when they accumulate they can be unsightly and off putting. You are most likely to find spider webs in dark, moist areas or in upper corners. Your light fixtures may also be subject to extreme webbing. Spiders aren’t drawn to light, but much of their prey is – making lighted areas the perfect place to spin a web and wait.

Is Spider Web Removal Important?

Once you notice one spider web, you will likely notice many more. That’s why spider web removal is critical, Commercial or Residential. If you fail to address the spider issue within your home or office building, the spiders will continue to multiply and spin webs. Male spiders are known to court the female spiders, who can then lay up to 3,000 eggs at a time. The sooner you act, the better. Investing in regular spider web removal will deter spiders and their prey from your hard-to-reach features. Spider web removal is especially important if you own a residential building and want to maintain a reputation that your space is safe, pleasant, and inviting.

Scared of spider webs? Don’t worry, we aren’t! If you need help eliminating spider webs from your residential or commercial property, give us a call at (301) 258-9750 or contact us here for a special commercial offer.

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