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Pressure Wash your Driveway this Summer

15 Jun2015

Pressure washing your home’s exterior is a great way to keep it clean and improve curb appeal. Not only that, you can save yourself time and money in repairs simply by having your home and patio area pressure washed regularly. This summer, go the extra mile and have your driveway professionally cleaned.   Your driveway takes a lot of abuse. In the summer, excessive heat and thunderstorms can cause wear on the surface. Your kids’ driveway chalk art can be difficult to remove with a common garden hose. Similarly in the winter, snow, ice and freezing temperatures can be as equally damaging. Let’s not forget that you drive your car on it every day and over time, your driveway will accumulate oil, dust, grime and plenty of other “unknowns” that can cause cracks and potholes, ruining the pavement (or concrete) in just a few short years.   According to the National Association of Professional Realtors, having your home and driveway professionally pressure washed can add up to $15,000 to the value of your home. That’s a pretty great deal considering a decent professional service costs just a fraction of that and takes virtually no time at all. No one would argue that having their driveway professionally washed is less desirable than paying to lay a new one!   Pressure washing is the perfect way to restore brilliance to your driveway (and all other exterior surfaces!). KEVCO’s hot & cold water pressure washing systems will remove dirt, algae, graffiti and efflorescence that can build up on your exterior surfaces. Our team of experts are fully equipped with the very best equipment available in the industry. Let us restore the curb appeal of your home by pressure washing your driveway. We do our best work under pressure!   Since 1988, KEVCO’s business has evolved from Residential Window Cleaning into to a company with a vast scope of Commercial and Residential services including: window cleaning, pressure washing and garage cleaning – rapidly becoming the Largest Exterior Maintenance contractor in the metropolitan area. Contact Kevco today about transforming your driveway and adding value to your home.

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