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Pressure Cleaning Your Trash Dumpster Pad Sites

17 May2016

Are the trash dumpster pad sites on your property filthy? These pad sites are often located in parking lots or parking garages for convenience and allow for the safe disposal of garbage. Let’s talk about how pressure cleaning your trash dumpster pad sites is the best way to restore them to their inviting and cleanly appearance.

Why is Your Trash Dumpster Pad Site Dirty?

There are several reasons your trash dumpster pad site may appear dirty or stained. Let’s be honest – garbage is messy and tends to smell bad. Garbage bags constantly tear, split, or bust open as a result of too much weight or poor transportation to the dumpster pad. Before you know it, yesterday’s old banana peel and last week’s rotten milk has formed a layer of grime and debris on the surface of your trashcan or dumpster pad.

The visual buildup of grime and garbage combined with an unappealing smell can deter people from using the site as intended and lead to a larger build up. Trash dumpster pad sites are also common sites of vandalism and graffiti, which can be difficult to remove and incredibly damaging to the reputation of your property.

Is Pressure Cleaning an Effective Solution?

At KEVCO, we are the only company in the DC metro area that employs the use of The PowerBoss Water Recycling System – a highly effective and eco-friendly solution for removing stubborn debris, stains, spray paint, graffiti, and more. The PowerBoss Water Recycling System utilizes a combination of hot and cold water that is recycled, reclaimed, and reused for the ultimate green clean.

If you’re ready to reduce your carbon footprint and have the cleanest trash dumpster pads in the DC metro area, give us a call at 800.315.3444 or contact us here.

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