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Neutralizing Salt Residue on Flooring and Carpet

11 Feb2016

With winter weather comes an abundance of snow and icy conditions in the D.C. metropolitan area. With this brings areas of concern for property managers and homeowners that want to protect their flooring and carpet from the damaging effects of ice melt residue.

After heavy winter storms, using a neutralizer on flooring and carpet is imperative in order to minimize the effects that ice melt residue has caused from traffic on floors.

Typically ice melt products have a high pH and can even act as a stripper on finished flooring. If you have experienced any sort of sticky scum on your flooring after a winter storm then the culprit is more than likely nasty salt residue.

On carpets ice melt residue causes stains that are unsightly and bad for your floors if not taken care of. These stains are usually white in color.

Property managers and homeowners speak to your floor care specialist – they can recommend the proper maintenance and upkeep of your flooring in Winter. But without the cleaning expertise of KEVCO, the salt and dirt from your garage will creep in slowly and destroy the floors in your buildings.

Contact KEVCO today by calling 800.315.3444 or click on kevco1.com for all of your exterior cleaning needs. KEVCO won’t allow that sand, salt dirt and debris move in on your buildings beautiful floors and carpets. Don’t let the Winter weather leave your floors looking damaged and stained. Call KEVCO today.

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