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KEVCO Promises Sustainability

25 Sep2015

The leaves may be changing to rich hues of orange and red, but here at KEVCO we pledge to remain green! As we welcome fall with open arms we want to push the importance of sustainability! KEVCO has been doing our part to facilitate a clean future for our precious environment, and we believe that supporting a greener future in the cleaning industry is simple–it involves three key steps: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water recycling and reuse can provide a dependable, locally-supplied water supply, along with many other great environmental benefits. Given that KEVCO is a cleaning company that focuses on window cleaning, pressure washing, and garage cleaning, it is important that we decrease or eliminate our impact on the environment and its natural resources. With water being the most important natural resource in the world we strive to make a positive impact by utilizing innovative, heavy-duty, industrial cleaning equipment that is 100% environmentally friendly!

Our pride and joy, the PowerBoss boasts its green features, such as water recycling, water conservation, and bio diesel capabilities.  It uses a clean, recover, and recycle process that removes oils, dirts, grease, rubber, and other surface accumulations without any runoff. The water is then collected in the vacuum system and recycled, allowing KEVCO to use clean water continuously. This total environmentally compliant package will keep your business looking sparkly clean!

If you are a supporter of water conservation & water recycling, but also like to maintain like-new surfaces on your business’ exterior then our services are the obvious solution for you. KEVCO is the ONLY exterior cleaning company in the Washington Metropolitan area that owns this self-contained transportable water recycling system, know as the PowerBoss.

For more information about cleaning your business with KEVCO and the PowerBoss system, contact our team today! KEVCO believes in cleaning green!

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