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Why Parking Garage Cleaning Is Important

If parking garage cleaning is not top on your list of priorities for maintaining your commercial property, it’s time to reconsider your priorities. From dirt and oil to trash, salt, dirt, and other debris, your parking garage may be on the verge of major stains and damage. Not only does a dirty garage promote a negative image, it could potentially make you liable to potential hazards. That is why commercial garage cleaning and scrubbing is a necessary preventative maintenance item.

Consider the fact that a parking garage or parking lot is the first interaction your clients, customers, employees, potential building tenants, or guests have with your property—this means that the condition of your garage plays a larger role in shaping your overall first impressions of a building that you are about to enter. Maintaining a clean parking garage carries a number of benefits. Let’s examine the reasons why you should schedule regular garage cleaning as a preventative maintenance item.

Parking Garage Cleaning Reinforces a Positive Image

You take pride in your property, whether you are the property manager or the property owner. You care about your employees and patrons, so show them by maintaining a pleasant image. Dirty parking garages suggest laziness, poor management, and just plain apathy and carelessness. None of which you would like to promote. You want all who enter your building to enter and exit on a positive note, whether they work, visit, own, or manage the building in question. The quest for the immaculate parking garage or parking lot it priority number one.

Parking Lot Cleaning Protects Your Investment

You have put a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort into maintaining your commercial property, and you don’t want to have an item as important as garage cleaning to be your downfall. First impressions are everything and it takes time, money, and effort to create this impression. The accumulated dirt, sand, salt, debris, oil, and other auto fluids can stain and even deteriorate the concrete floor surfaces in a garage. The debris, if left on too long can eventually break down the concrete or asphalt on a parking lot which allows weeds to break through the cracks—a very expensive situation to fix. Protect and maintain your garages now so that you can protect your investment later!

Garage Cleaning Protects Patrons

Large debris, oil spills, and other dirt and grime could lead to injuries and damage to cars. You never know what could cause the loss of a potential client. When it comes to your business or property, there is nothing more important than keeping everyone inside and outside safe and satisfied. Protect all those going in and out of your building and schedule regular parking garage sweeping, cleaning, or scrubbing services today.

Clean Parking Lots Discourage Littering

People are less likely to litter in a clean parking garage or parking lot. A dirty parking garage eventually reaches a tipping point where people will care less and start contributing to the mess. A well maintained garage or parking lot will always inspire respectful behavior.

Clean Parking Garages Minimize Pollution

Cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing services in your parking garage or parking lot helps to prevent sand, salt, dirt, and debris from washing into storm water drains and run-off areas. With the proper equipment, all of the dirty water can be vacuumed up and disposed of properly, keeping “green cleaning” and sustainability at the forefront of maintaining your garage.

Choose KEVCO for Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning in Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

Protect your investment, and strengthen your buildings curb appeal by properly maintaining your parking garages and parking lots. With our fleet of TENNANT ride on scrubbers and sweepers and our transportable pressure cleaning equipment, KEVCO has the largest garage cleaning team in the metro area and the East Coast to tackle any size parking facility.

Call us at (301) 258-9750 and let us provide you with an on-site evaluation of your garage. Or, contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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Susan Ruiz
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