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Is Exterior Building Maintenance Necessary?

Wherever ANY commercial real estate is concerned, exterior maintenance should always be in the budget. There is never a cut and dry response as to how much maintenance should be done and how often, but upkeep is always the name of the game. That’s why it is critical to implement and follow a regular maintenance schedule.

Be Proactive About Exterior Building Maintenance

The first step to maintenance is to review your commercial property and decide what area is your priority. This is the best approach instead of the “putting out fires approach.” This approach generally can result in larger repair or replacement costs. Here’s why: Once a problem is identified, it may have been left unchecked for a while. While this type of exterior maintenance plan could be appealing because the annual costs remain low, the problems down the road remain higher, the property will be run down and the capital improvements will be costly when the need arises.

A regular pro-active program is the best approach to exterior building maintenance for your commercial property. This plan identifies the immediate, the near future, and then the long term needs of the property and the potential costs associated with those needs and in turn, budgeting the funds necessary to satisfy those needs. A preventative maintenance program can be looked at like an insurance policy. Regular periodic inspections, investments, and small repairs can result in large capital projects being delayed because the structure is well cared for, small fixes do not have the chance to develop into large catastrophes.

Exterior Maintenance to Enhance Your Building’s First Impression

Being in the exterior maintenance business for over three decades, exterior maintenance items in terms of commercial property upkeep are always at the top of the list of priorities. First impressions are extremely important. What people initially see when they first approach a building is at the top of our priority list. What do you see when you first approach a building? You see windows; you see the material on the façade of the building. You see the sidewalks, parking lot, parking garage, signage, landscaping, and more. Starting with these first impression items are the perfect way to maintain your property while, at the same time, impressing tenants, owners, managers, and visitors. Let’s explore first impression exterior maintenance a bit closer.

  • Window Cleaning – Washing buildings’ windows on the outside, inside, and atrium windows really makes a building sparkle and clearly lets the sun stream in only to enhance any building interior, especially large expanses of atrium windows.
  • Pressure Cleaning – Want to make a great first impression? Want to be envy of every property manager around? Nothing says “WOW, your building has the best curb appeal around” like pressure cleaning sidewalks, building facades, and even concrete signage. Pressure cleaning any surface using either the hot or cold water methods makes a huge difference. It also helps to remove mold and dirt and restores the brilliance to your exterior surfaces.
  • Parking Lot Cleaning & Garage Cleaning – Whether you drive into a parking lot or a parking garage, people always remember the condition when they get out of their vehicle. Is there trash everywhere? Do you notice the dirt around? Inside a parking garage, is it bright? Do you notice grease and oil stains? Are the curbed streaked with tire and scratch marks? Are the parking space lines and specialty signage (i.e. handicap spots, etc.) noticeable like they should be? If any of these answers is a no, it’s time to call a garage cleaning professional. These surfaces, if kept dirt and debris free create an excellent first impression.

Exterior Building Services for Commercial Properties in DC, MD & VA

So the answer to the age old question is exterior maintenance necessary is “yes.” Give your property a great first impression and create that WOW effect by contacting an exterior maintenance professional—they can handle all of these items and more for the most pro-active maintenance approach to keep your property in top form. For commercial cleaning in MD, VA, or DC, team up with KEVCO!

Looking to learn more about our services, or want to get a quote for your commercial building? Contact us online today, or feel free to call at any time!

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